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Do I need a new water assembly for city water hookup?

gary-736Dear Gary,
Thanks for all your great info! I am wondering if there is a replacement backflow valve for the city water hookup. It looks like I will have to replace the entire hatch for the freshwater city and tank fill. Any suggestions? —Rick M.

Dear Rick,
I have some good news for you, Rick. If all you have is a faulty backflow preventer (check valve) in the existing city water assembly, simply install a second backflow preventer just downstream of the city water entry. This only applies if the fault is that the existing check valve will not close properly. The symptom would be that water exits the city water entry when the coach is on pump pressure.

But there’s no need to remove a check valve that won’t close. Just install a second one inline and just downstream of the first one. Now if it is stuck shut, then yes, that old one will have to come out. But typically the fault is that it no longer seals when the coach is operating the on-board water pump.

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Traveling Man
4 years ago

I would only add that it would depend on the “fault” of the primary backflow…

Think of how you cable TV connections work…The more splices you put into the cable, the worst the signal gets.

Water “flow” can (I did not say will), be an issue in the right conditions. Multiple objects in the line can and do affect water pressure and flow.

You might opt to remove the first one to prevent current and future issues. I do like the idea of having this in a location readily accessible (like in the hose leading to the RV). The same with filters. Just build the right adapters and have it located in the Utility Compartment.

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