Saturday, October 16, 2021


Do-it-yourself dish drainer

By Cheryl Probst


RV sinks come in awkward sizes, especially when it comes to dish drainers. There’s usually not enough room on the counter for a standard size drainer, so what’s a person to do? One solution is to make your own drainer to fit in the sink. Our version is inexpensive and takes only a few minutes to make.

Start with a coated wire rack that is the width of the bottom of the sink you’ll be using. You can buy a new rack, but we used one we found for 39 cents at a thrift store. If the rack is too long to fit the sink, use a wire cutter to trim one end to the length you need.

Next, you’ll need two pill boxes. Ones that Wal-Mart gives away (the long “pill-a-day” boxes), or something similar, are perfect for this. Use zip ties to attach the pill boxes to the rack. Voila! You have a dish drainer.


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