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Don’t leave a trace …

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

We’ve all seen it – the “remnants” from someone who camped in the “outback” before we arrived. Trash in fire rings, dog poop on trails, and the other usual suspects. One of the main reasons that RVers like to boondock is to get away from the ugly side of human civilization – and there it is, somebody rubs our nose in it.  Sometimes bad behavior is just that – a person with a nasty attitude. Other times it’s just a matter of education. How’s your campground courtesy knowledge?

BeenAroundAWhile at English Wikipedia

Here are some tips that can make fellow campers (and park personnel) a lot happier:

Don’t trash: It may be “biodegradable” but it can take a long time for the bio to degrade. Even paper plates can take four months to disintegrate, but a plastic drinking bottle? Try 500 years – and some say they never go away.

How about burning the trash? Not only does the stuff stink, it doesn’t always burn up. Imagine being the next guy in your site, confronted with a lot of garbage to clean up.

If there aren’t any trash cans, then use the “Pack it in, Pack it out” philosophy.

Got a tenter in your group? Encourage them to put their tent up on a designated tent pad. Putting them on native vegetation can stunt, even kill the stuff.

Walking around the campground? Please don’t walk through somebody else’s site. Cutting across a site is nothing but disconcerting – it invades a personal space.

Heading out from your site? Stick to the established trails. “Pioneers” cutting a new path, like tents in the wrong place, kill vegetation.

You’ve got an RV – use the bathroom there, or make the hike to the campground toilet. Whizzing in the woods (or worse) ain’t great in the eyes (and nose) of your next door neighbor.

The same holds true for Rover. Take a poop-collecting bag and follow up on your dog. Put the bag in the trash or tote it home with you.

The ethics of “leave no trace” make for a nicer time for everyone.



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4 years ago

Why should I pick up after someone else when they are too lazy in the first place too pick up there trash? Come join me some night when I work at Walmart. You will have an eye opening experience.

4 years ago
Reply to  J

Because YOU are making the world a better place. Plus, there is nothing more irritating than a good example.

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