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Buying an RV in 2022: So nice we did it twice!

There is nothing like getting a new RV and experiencing all the wonderful feelings associated with that. We got to pick up our new Rockwood Mini Lite 2205S in May of 2022. We were pretty excited as this was a prototype of some new features that Rockwood was offering, including a monster solar and battery package that literally changed the game for us in terms of camping planning.

Our first new Mini Lite that we picked up in May. Check out these happy campers on the first night in the new rig!

Well, we liked that experience so much that we repeated it just a few weeks ago. You see, someone was driving and not paying attention and rear-ended that new trailer, which caused the insurance company to total it. Bummer, dude.

Fortunately, only the trailer and our eBikes suffered—Peggy and I were unscathed.

But we worked with Rockwood and the insurance company and got to pick up yet another new Rockwood Mini Lite 2205S earlier this month to replace the one that was wrecked in August. So we got that new RV joy once again, also with a monster solar and battery system, and another trip to Indiana. So nice, we did it twice!

Who would have thought we’d brave an Indiana winter drive to pick up our second new Mini Lite, but that’s just what we did. Here’s the newest of the new.

And that’s the best of our 2022.



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Jeremy Fuller
28 days ago

We were happy to welcome you back to Wana RV in beautiful Shipshewana. It was unfortunate the way we met again as we prefer a less destructive form of repeat business! Lol! Hope you are enjoying your new camper!

Steve H
28 days ago

Congratulation on your “new” new Mini Lite! Having had a Mini Lite and a Signature Ultra Lite fifth wheel, we enjoyed many years and 60,000 miles of adventures, including a 3-month retirement trip to Alaska, in our Rockwood trailers. Hope you have similar enjoyable adventures in yours.

But Indiana in December, Tony and Peggy? Give me southern Arizona instead!

28 days ago

Are you loving your Rockwood? We have a Rockwood 2608BS and love it. Safe travels and Happy New Year!🍾🍾

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