Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Fire takes out new RVs at Indiana Keystone plant

If you thought your brand-new Keystone RV was finished and was just waiting at the factory to be delivered, you might have to think again.

A massive fire just outside the Keystone RV plant in Goshen, Indiana, destroyed from 12 to 16 just-completed RVs.

Goshen Fire Department Assistant Chief Anthony Powell said several units were blazing when firefighters arrived at about 2 p.m. Sunday. Heavy winds hampered firefighting efforts, but they were able to keep the blaze from damaging the factory building.

There were no injuries, and none of the destroyed new RVs contained fuel.



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Carolle Graham
7 months ago

I heard that it was caused by an electrical issue at the plant. idk

John Koenig
7 months ago

Time for a Fire Sale????

Thomas D
7 months ago

Kinda like that ship full of new cars,( high end,Expensive) burning in the Atlantic ocean right now

Silas Longshot
7 months ago

Sounds a lot like arson to me. Empty RV’s no batteries, no fuel, no LP tanks? Why do multiple units ‘spontaneously combust’?
I’m betting it’s revenge by some recently fired slacker at the factory.

7 months ago

Interesting thought Greg S. Why do you think of lithium.
Ps. I did not put lithium in my solar system.

Greg S
7 months ago

No cause listed. RVs destroyed but no damage to the buildings?
Lithium ion batteries?