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Get a free sandwich tomorrow and more free food for you!

If you’re traveling on July 12, or if you simply plan to eat lunch on that day, you’ll want to stop by Subway. Why? From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. local time, participating Subway shops will offer free 6-inch subs from its new Subway Series menu. And who doesn’t like free food?

A year’s work

For more than a year, Subway’s culinary team has worked to revamp its menu. These experts have come up with four distinct categories: Cheesesteaks, Italianos, Chicken, and Clubs. Each category features three sandwiches within its grouping, so you’re sure to find a sub to please your palate. Of course, you’ll still be able to personalize your sandwich so that it’s just the way you like it.

McDonald’s, too!

Subway isn’t the only brand offering free food this summer. Check out McDonald’s daily specials:


Every Monday in July, after July 5, with a minimum $1 purchase, you’ll score a free Iced Coffee (regularly $2.79)


July 12: With a minimum $1 purchase, you get a free Grimace pool floatie

July 19: Buy one, get one free Medium Fries (regularly $3.39)

July 26: Get a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets for $5 (regularly $6.59)


July 13: With a minimum $1 purchase, get a free McFlurry (any size!)

July 20: Purchase any size McFlurry, and get free cookies to eat with the shake

July 27: Buy one, get one free any size McFlurry (regularly $3.69)


July 15: With a minimum $1 purchase, get a free Double Cheeseburger (regularly $3.49)

July 22: Buy a Combo Meal, and get a free Happy Meal (regularly $4.79)

July 29: With a $1 minimum purchase, get a Free McChicken sandwich (regularly $2.39)


July 16: Get two Quarter Pounders with Cheese for $5

July 23: Buy a Crispy Chicken Sandwich and get a second one for just an additional buck

July 30: Score a Big Mac for only $2! (regularly $4.79)

Download the McDonald’s app and check out additional specials you can get on Thursdays and Sundays, too! Bonus: You’ll get additional freebies just for downloading the app.

Save time and money

Sure, these July specials are nice, but many places (not just fast-food restaurants) will offer rewards to folks who download their apps. What I really like is the time we save by using the apps. We order ahead and skip the long, summer wait lines. Who doesn’t like saving time and money?

Do you use apps when ordering food? Tell us in the comments below.



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2 months ago

yes, I use food apps from many businesses. Some like McD save me money and some are just more convenient. This was especially true a year ago when we got all of our food to go with the least interface with the folks working there. I would rather know that I order my food the way I like it rather than trusting that my phone or speaker order was noted correctly. I also like that I can pay from the app so my credit card stays with me.

Bill Palone
2 months ago

Don’t really think I am being fairly compensated for all the data they get to harvest. So, NO I don’t. Google already knows far too much about me already.

2 months ago

When I stop to eat I know what I want. Trying to figure out whether to order what I want or decide if it is cheaper with the Combo is too much for me to deal with, no less trying to figure out what to eat with an app, would be just too much. Besides the cost of buying a smart phone, to download an app probably would cost me more in the long run. I think living under a rock saves me money.

Jeff Arthur
2 months ago

Funny, key word is participating!
We can’t find a Subway that even accepts coupons ( believe me we have tried quite a few)

2 months ago