Friday, December 9, 2022


From friends to pets – Your RVing dreams – Part 2


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

When readers told us of their dreams of future RV travel, we were flooded with both fantasies and clearly plotted-out trips. Here are more of your contributions.

Dallas County Courthouse, Adel, Iowa. brandonrush on

More history chasing

A self-described “Desert Rat,” Sam Sprott has a different kind of history trip he wants to make. Sam says he was raised “In the high desert of Southern California where U.S. Highway 6 ran through our Fremont Valley. I always wondered where Highway 6 started, and where it finished.” Sam got a hint: “Some 70 years later in early April of this year we took our Dutch Star in for some work in Nappanee, Indiana. Guess what I found?” Sam queries. “U.S. Highway 6 is the main drag right through the center of Nappanee.” Sam’s trip took him through “Small towns with intriguing courthouses and town squares. Would have liked to stop and eat in a downtown café and check out a hardware store but, of course, the virus precluded that.”

You can guess Sam’s future dream plans. He wants to pick up the trail where he last left it, then head west to his youthful stomping ground to what used to be Cantil, California. His ambitious plans then include heading north on an odd-numbered U.S. Highway ‘til it ends, then going east on an even-numbered one to the bitter end, continuing on to make squared-off circles, closing the diameter without the intervention of interstate freeways. Sam aptly sums it up: “Our drives will be destination free. At this stage of my life, I like a destination-free life.” Drive on, Sam!

To visit friends

Neal Davis’ dream is short and sweet: “Wander around the U.S. and Canada visiting friends I made over the years, but who now all live far from me.”

Furry travel companions

Molly, the Border Collie, and her pal, Steve Gable, have already got a start on their dream trip. They left Washington state in May of last year, “to go ‘See America’,” as Steve puts it. The West took up most of their time last year, and they blitzed a trail from Utah to Arkansas last February. “Then the virus started kicking in, so we hot-footed it to Connecticut to shelter-in-place.” Their plans to “See America” will resume when safe travel is a reality.

A trip dreamed – but delayed – is still on the must-do list for Janet Nobel. Her trip, planned for this fall, “But now looks like 2021,” says Janet, “is to take my Scottish Terrier to the BIG Terrier AKC shows in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.” Janet and her dog won’t just limit their time to the shows – they’re planning a circuit through the Midwest to visit friends, down into the South, west through Texas and Arizona, and into California for a visit with family, completing the circuit in Washington. Well, doggone!

Tune in next week for more.


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2 years ago

Route 6 is a fun one to follow. You can try US 30 and 50 for other cross country roads. Actually, 50 can take you through some beautiful country, but a bit tricky in the hills for pulling a trailer. Still, they are all routes I’d love to follow someday. Crossing America the old-fashioned way.