Thursday, September 21, 2023


How long have you been at the place where you’re parked right now?

The place you’re parked at right now, whether it’s a Cracker Barrel or casino parking lot, or a nice RV resort… how long have you been there? Did you just pull in and park last night? Did you arrive three weeks ago? Three months ago?

After you vote in the poll and tell us how long you’ve been there, leave a comment and tell us where you are! You don’t have to be specific if you don’t want, but just the type of place you’re at (pavement camping, state park, national forest campground, public RV park, etc.) will do. Thanks!


  1. We have been here two nights, but it is only a place to park while repair work is being done on the rig. If I had answered this last week the answer would have been “within the last 3 months”. We own an RV lot in Surprise AZ. We arrived in late October and plan to leave in mid April. During those months we left for Christmas with the family in CA. We left in late January for repairs and then a mini-road trip. Then we had PLANNED to leave next week for a pre season RV exercise, but since we are in for repairs again, we won’t need that trip. During the coming travel season we will average 3-5 nights per stop with one 11 night stay with friends in TN and two weeks in Sacramento with family. As I currently have our travel planned, we will be on the road from April 15 to October 25.

  2. Been here almost 8 months. Came to Arlington, Washington to rekindle a relationship with my son…. And get to know my grandkids. Long story short… My son and grandkids moved to South Dakota and wife had foot surgery… So we’re still here.

  3. Winter Texans and work campers at Bentsen Grove Resort in Mission Tx. We love it. Finishing our 4th year. So much to do at this park for the winter and short weather much of the time.

  4. We’re at the Lakes at St. David RV Park in AZ. We’re work camping, a part of the crew that’s restoring a park that shut down about 7 years ago. It’s slowly and steadily becoming a true resort park.
    I think that by next year it will truly be a destination park.

  5. Wrapping up our three-month volunteer gig for this OR park, having worked in seven parks for Oregon over the past two years. Now we head to Grand Teton Ntl Pk to work for their non-profit: GT Association for next six months.

  6. Interesting poll. We’ve been full-time since October 2019. Longest we’ve spent in 1 place was 42 days and that was not by choice. It’s when Covid started and reservations we had for other places were cancelled. We were thankful that the location welcomed our extended stay. On the other hand, my wallet was not real happy.

    Second longest was 30 days and that was when my father passed last year. Average for us has been just under 5 days, but our preference is 2 to 3 weeks. The single night “re-positioning” stops affects the average.

  7. We are campground hosts, and we spend the winter months in NW Washington state parks. The parks prefer hosts only stay 1-2 months in any given park.


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