Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Do you enjoy driving or towing your RV?

If someone—well, like us—were to ask you if you enjoy driving or towing your RV, what would you say? Now, we know that driving or towing your RV might bring you joy because you’re on your way to yet another beautiful destination… but that’s not quite what we’re asking here.

Do you find driving or towing your RV easy? Is it such a breeze to drive or tow that you hardly even notice it’s there? Would you much rather just be driving your car, no trailer attached? Please answer these questions and, of course, the poll question below. Thanks!


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2 months ago

I drive a school bus. But with a trailer it gets interesting when you have to get into a turning left position. Turning right is a piece of cake. Otherwise on flat terrain its a lot of fun.

2 months ago

Towing up or down a 10% grade for over 2 miles on Cottonwood pass is not fun. If I were towing on a flat or mildly hilly road it would be fun.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jay

Try Wolf Pass in Colorado. We missed a turn and ended up going straight up a mountain. Great drive but took a while going 20 mph.

2 months ago

Tomorrow we head out on our Fifth Cross-Country trip. From San Diego California to Bar Harbor Maine and back. We have a Tundra Crew Max and a 28′ Airstream travel trailer. I love driving my truck and trailer! Let the adventure begin, … AGAIN!

2 months ago

I have an F350 and a 43 foot long Sabre 5th wheel. I absolutely love hooking up and extending the tow mirrors. I put about 5k miles on the combo last year and current trips planned will result in about 8k this year.

2 months ago

We have had small economical cars since the kids were raised and we gave up the mini vans. I like driving the RV because I enjoy sitting up higher in the flexsteel seats. My husband and I share driving and co piloting. I do find it more stressful than driving the fiat. So he will take over in bad weather or city traffic usually

2 months ago

As full-time RVers, I hope you enjoy driving your RV.

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