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Get a great finish with Shurhold’s Dual Action Polisher PRO


Shurhold improves their popular orbital polisher with the new pro model, designed to get the job done faster and easier, and give a professional finish to your RV. 

More power and a larger orbit
The Shurhold Dual Action Polisher PRO, similar to the original Shurhold Dual Action Polisher, features an extra large 21 mm orbit and a 6″ quick change backing plate. With this increased size and a full 900W of power, oxidation doesn’t stand a chance. Don’t worry, though – the unique dual action motion will still protect your finish from burns and swirl marks, giving you the professional results you desire.

Quality results in less time
The quick change backing plate accommodates pads 7″ in diameter, allowing you to cover more area in less time. The thumb controlled variable speed dial adjusts the polisher between 1800 and 4800 oscillations per minute (OPM), so you can select the right speed for your job. With the attached 20′ cord, moving around your project is easy.


  • 6″ Quick Change Backing Plate
  • 2 Ergonomic Gripping Styles
  • EZ Change Carbon Brush Parts
  • Thumb Controlled Variable Speed Dial
  • Locking ON Button
  • Detailed User Guide
  • Canvas Storage Bag

Burn and swirl-free polish
Traditional rotary polishers have a larger wheel spinning at high rpm, which mean the operator’s technique is important as to avoid burns and swirls. Shurhold’s dual action oscillating head dramatically minimizes these issues and allows anyone to get the same great finish the pros do.

You can find Shurhold’s Dual Action Polisher PRO on Amazon.

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A Wolfe
4 years ago

I think this model is Net Weight: 6 lbs – (2.72kgs) and runs around $279.

Jim Anderson
4 years ago

You left off a very important Number!
What is the polisher’s WEIGHT?
When your working on a tall ladder with all the vertical surface of a 40 foot coach, the Weight of a polisher becomes VERY IMPORTANT!

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