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Great RV camping minutes from San Diego

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San Diego. Renowned for its year-around mild climate, it’s wonder one and a third-million people call this big dot on the map home. Millions of visitors flock each year to the city near the Mexico border, many in RVs. But where, oh where, can you stay with your RV without pawning your first-born?

Psst! Here’s a little secret place, just 30 minutes from San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium. It’s quiet. It’s green. It has full hookups and sits beside a great fishing lake. It’s Lake Jennings Park, a project of the local water district.

R&T DeMaris

Lake Jennings sits just outside the bedroom community of Lakeside, less than 20 miles via Interstate-8 to the downtown metro area. With 35 full-hookup sites, 37 with electric and water, many of the sites pull-through, its a wonder more folks haven’t made this fantastic discovery. “I know why,” says the critic, “the prices drive them away!” Hang on, Mr. Squeaky Money, full utility sites are but $32 a day, and if you don’t mind just dumping at the on-site free dump station, you can drop your per-night charges to just $28.

Don’t think this is a down-in-the-heels park, either. The volunteers who keep the Lake Jennings Campground up and running are top-notch. We’ve watched camp hosts roll into recently vacated campsites, hustling around with rakes, actually restoring the gravel pad areas to pristine condition for the next visitor. They really do care about this place. No trash, no mess, just a clean, well-cared for campground.

R&T DeMaris

While easily accessible from the Interstate, it’s a couple of miles up in the back country, so you won’t be disturbed by freeway noise. The views of lake are great, and if you’re on the “other side” of the campground, you can peer across a green valley with misty-morning views. Once you’ve had your fill of the tourism downtown, if the kids are still pumped up with energy, the park staff has plenty of things for them to do including games and scavenger hunts. If you can’t get away from networking, fear not, free wifi hotspots abound in the campground at DSL speed.

Check out more on the Lake Jennings Park website.


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10 years ago

We'll look at Lake Jennings next winter, but we usually stay at the Santee Lakes Recreation Reserve just a few miles west of Jennings. 300 full hookup sites nicely laid out with artificial lakes in the center of everything. The sites area also carefully tended by volunteers and we think the monthly rates are fairly reasonable. Look 'em up at santeelakes(.)com.
No, I don't get compensated by Padre Dam Municipal Water District.

10 years ago

I grew up 5 miles from Lake Jennings. I gotta tell you, yes, it is pretty, but the water utility company that owns and runs it has gotten greedy like all corporations. This campground with full, and partial hook up's WILL BREAK THE BANK! I looked into this last place last winter, as I wanted to stay a month during Thanksgiving to be near my children for the Holidays. It's terribly expensive for the area! The lake is great, but the area is hot and dusty. definitely not worth the price. Very winding road to get there, and sorry, but its for like 45 to 50 minutes to downtown San Diego, and longer if you get stuck in traffic. This is not a pretty area of San Diego county!

10 years ago

I suppose any more it is pretty difficult to get away from needing to stay connected, whether it is your stocks, work or just friends and family, WiFi is necessary. I’m glad to see this park is “up-to-date”, and my wife will feel right at home. I got her a Tailgater portable satellite dish that I bought from a Dish co-worker and she couldn’t be happier. Now when we camp, she watches TV while taking care of the baby, and she says it is like she’s not even camping (until it is time to cook.) We’re renting an RV this summer to try it out, so that will make cooking easier for her.

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