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Health department visits RV park that fails to follow state orders

Residents at Jack’s Resort in Mendota, CA, have been battling with the resort – which is already the subject of state investigations and a lawsuit – saying it is run down and uninhabitable due to sewage disposal issues. Finally, Fresno County intervened because the owners of the resort defied state orders and even an injunction from a judge to fix the mess, reports

After a state inspection called for the park to fix and remove external waste tanks, the park did so in July. However, the owners never replaced the tanks or offered a pumping service for residents remaining on the property to dispose of waste. A state agency found 161 violations during an inspection last April.

The problems caught the attention of the public health department. Along with agents from social services and the sheriff’s office, public health visited residents at the park a few days ago.

“Our involvement there was to evaluate the property to determine if there were improper discharges of wastewater onto the ground,” said Fresno County Public Health Director David Pomaville.

The department issued a second notice to residents not to discharge sewage and gray water from the RVs onto the ground.

“We also spent more time trying to find out whether there were any children that were living in trailers,” Pomaville said. “We took steps to get assistance from (the) department of social services to help get those children and their families connected up with other resources.”


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