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Some household cleaners may not be RV-friendly

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Editor’s note: The following is information provided by an RV products manufacturer. While there is plenty of product “puffing,” our readers may find some of the non-advertising information useful when working on their RVs. 

A clean RV provides the same level of accomplishment and pride as a spotless home, but the products used to get to that point are vastly different. Shurhold Industries, the leader in RV cleaners and maintenance tools, offers a set of Clean-N-Simple Tips to help owners keep their trailers, campers and motorhomes in showroom-like condition.

Interior and exterior RV surfaces are different than those found in a home and often more delicate. Household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage. Common dish soap is one such product. It gets the job done, but removes wax and polish, leaving the finish to oxidize and prematurely age.

A dedicated vehicle-specific soap such as Shurhold’s concentrated Brite Wash is a smarter solution. Safe to use anywhere on board, it cuts through dirt, grease and road grime. It saves RV owners from needing to re-wax and resists water spotting. Environmentally friendly, it’s completely biodegradable and can be rinsed anywhere.

Bleach is another culprit commonly used on RVs. It’s effective, but dulls gelcoat and fades paint after only a few uses. It changes the color of vinyl, quickly degrades fabrics such as Sunbrella and WeatherMAX, and corrodes fittings, even stainless steel. SMC Spray is the bleach-free and environmentally friendly alternative from Shurhold. It removes the toughest of stains and is safe to use on all surfaces, including fiberglass, acrylic, carpet, fabric, rubber, wood, and vinyl seating and graphics.

Even in the home, glass cleaner can be challenging to use. It streaks and leaves lint behind if paper towels are used. When used on Plexiglas, plastic or touchscreen electronics, it can make the material brittle because it contains ammonia.

Common in homes for over 50 years, spray-on/wipe-off products contain silicone and leave a greasy residue. It may make a surface shine, but shows every fingerprint, and tends to attract dust and dirt. Shurhold’s Serious Shine is a true one-stop detailer. It cleans, polishes and protects any surface commonly treated with glass cleaner or spray wax in one easy step. With UV inhibitors, and anti-static and water-repelling properties, it makes the ideal RV maintenance product.

Microfiber Towels from Shurhold are the ideal companion to Serious Shine. Super absorbent, they gently lift dirt, moisture, grease and stains, without scratching delicate surfaces. While it may have “soft” in its name, it’s anything but. Household cleaners that were developed to remove kitchen and bathroom stains are far too abrasive to use on an RV. Its aggressive grit quickly dulls gelcoat and paint, and is noticeable after only one use.

When an aggressive restoration compound is needed, Shurhold’s Buff Magic is the perfect solution. Formulated with jewelers rouge, it actually breaks down as it’s being used, becoming finer with use, until it’s a polishing agent. It gently and effectively removes oxidation, stains, rust, and surface scratches.

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Richard Davidson
4 years ago

FYI: As for some cleaners don’t work well in an RV environment, one such “cleaner” is Rain-X. Rain-X is a wonderful product that works wonders on glass but DO NOT try it on plexiglass or acrylic as it will cause a surface melting of the material. Clear will become wavy and no longer clear. Don’t ask how I know.