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How to choose a campsite

By Jose and Jill Ferrer

When you are lucky enough to pull into a campground or RV park where you can choose your site, here are some things to consider:Is the site level? An uneven site may present a challenge to your suspension, levelers and your patience.How are the hook-ups? Make it a practice to inspect the electrical, water and sewer hook-ups. Flip the breakers to ensure they’re in good working order. Inspect the electrical outlets: scorch marks or a white powdery residue might indicate a problematic connection. Inspect the water spigot to make sure it opens and closes properly. Spray a little bleach on the spigot to disinfect it. Check the sewer connection – standing water indicates a blocked or slow draining sewer system.

Where is the sun and what is its path relative to how the site is oriented? You may want to avoid a site where the sun will be beating down on your patio area, just when you want to be out enjoying the late afternoon and evening.

Where is the signal? If having satellite TV is important, then look for an unobstructed view of the southern sky. Remember that the tradeoff of no trees may mean no shade.

Where are the restrooms? If it makes a difference to you, look around.

Look at the traffic pattern within the campground. If you don’t want a lot of cars or foot traffic passing by then check it out as you make your selection. Or you might want to be right in the thick of things. If you do not want the glare of headlights in your campsite at night, camp on the inside of any curves on the campground road, not the outside.

Is there sufficient space? Ideally, you will have a site big enough for your tow vehicle and RV. Also consider the width of the site – for instance, when your RV is sitting level, will the picnic table fit or will it be sitting on a slope that renders it useless?

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