Saturday, January 29, 2022


How to help keep your RV fridge food fresh

The typical RV refrigerator is smaller than the one in your home and many RVers tend to overstuff it, making it difficult for air to circulate and maintain an evenly-distributed temperature. This can also cause some meat and dairy items to smell a bit after just a couple of days.

A way to help the refrigerator cool efficiently is to use a small, battery-powered fridge fan, which will move the air around. But be warned: if your refrigerator is really, really stuffed, the device may be only marginally effective. So try not to pack it like a sardine can.

A small inexpensive fridge fan from Camco (and other retailers) will operate for 30 days on two D-cell batteries and has a charcoal filter to absorb odors as it circulates the air. It retails for $22.29 but you can find it for about $14 at Dyers or Amazon. Most RVers seem to like it, although some have reported it is not as effective as promised. The biggest problem with the device, we think, might be trying to pronounce its name without wearing out your tongue. It’s called the Fridge Airator Fridge Fan Food Fresher Fridge Odor Absorber. Yeah, the word “Fridge” is in there three times. Good luck asking for the product by name.

If you want something a little easier to pronounce, the Valterra A10-2606 FridgeCool 11.28 mA Fan with On/Off Switch is about the same price and should accomplish the same mission. But, really, that isn’t so easy to say, either!