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Is this tire cracked … or what’s going on?


RV Tire Safety
with RV tire expert Roger Marble

I saw a post from an RV owner who discovered something on the upper sidewall of a tire when doing a visual inspection.

He was calling this a “crack” and was looking for input from readers of that RV forum.

A number of readers chimed in with opinions ranging from “Time for NEW SHOES” and “That one is ready to throw some chunks,” to a discussion on what was an acceptable spray tire protectant.

The good news was that many recognized this damage as “curbing,” that can occur when trying to go over a curb at a low angle.

Click for larger image.

I have outlined the area I looked at which extends well past the “crack” to obvious deeper damage – especially off to the right side where the tire just shows signs of surface scrubbing.

If I could physically inspect this tire I would take a close look at the right end (faint arrow) and confirm the suspect surface abrasion, which would confirm no problem internal to the rubber.

Not all tire damage is from a tire “defect.”

The owner did the right thing and had the tire inspected by a Michelin truck tire dealer, who confirmed no defect but just curbing.

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Roger Marble
4 years ago

Many times “drive” tires have a more aggressive tread pattern and deeper tread which also translated to more $$.

Check your tire warranty on putting anything in a tire. Some companies say that will void the warranty.

You might also check out my Bolg where you may find answers to other RV tire questions

David Sisson
4 years ago

This is not about the cracks but balance of the tires. I am about to buy six new Tires , I was told that you could put what they call Balance Beads inside the tires and they would spread out as the RV is moving and they would coretect the balance. I’m not sure if I want to buy into that. Also I am hearing The Drive Tire could be difference from the front tires.Is this a Quality issue or a way save money? Can you tell me your take on these thoughts. I am looking to buy 255/R70/22.5. My Rig is a 38 foot Holiday Rambler. Thank You for your input,

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