Monday, November 28, 2022


Just how important are your RV batteries?

By Steve Savage
Mobility RV Service

Question: I have heard the batteries in my RV are important to almost everything in the RV. Why?

Answer: What you have been told is spot on. There is no way I can overemphasize how important the batteries in your RV are.

The house systems in every RV depend on 12-volt power, and some systems will not work without a good battery (for example some slideouts), even when plugged in to the shoreline. I have found many RVers have a difficult time understanding what components require battery power and which require the RV to be plugged in. It is perhaps easier to refer to the systems that do not require batteries.

As a rule, anything — other than the entertainment system and the microwave, including any air conditioner with a thermostat on the wall — needs the batteries. That is because the controls all work on 12 volts. When plugged in, the converter can handle most of the 12-volt loads; however, when loads peak, the battery comes off the bench and provides the additional power.

Simply put, when things don’t work, check the batteries and fuses first!


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