Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Keep dishes safe while on the move

By Cheryl Probst


We all have nightmares of cupboards coming open and dishes crashing to the floor as our RVs rumble down the road. One solution to this problem is to store your dishes in a dish drainer installed in the cupboard.

A standard-size dish drainer should fit in most cupboards, but measure the inside of your cupboard to be sure. A wire dish drainer works best for this project. Place the drainer in the cupboard, then measure the distance from the bottom of the cupboard to the bottom of the dish drainer. If you will be storing glasses in a side holder, you’ll probably need to install the drainer to one side of the cupboard, unless your cupboard is wide enough that it can be centered with room for glasses on each side.

After your drainer is positioned, mark spots in the back of the cupboard where you’ll put the two cup hooks that will hold the back of the drainer in place. Remove the drainer and screw the cup hooks in. Next you’ll need two blocks of 1 x 3/16-inch wood cut to the height of the distance you measured earlier. Attach a cupboard latch to each piece of wood that is high enough for the drainer to go down into it, and then screw the blocks to the cupboard bottom. Set the dish drainer in place and fill with dishes and glasses.

The dish drainer can be taken out and the cupboard space used for something else, and then the drainer put back in when you’re ready to store dishes again.


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