Thursday, December 8, 2022


Keep that closet rod in place


By Jim Twamley

Those of you with rear kitchen 5th wheel RVs know just how hazardous a bumpy road can be to the stuff in your cupboards. The rear section of an RV is the most vulnerable to the rock-n-roll of the RV road.

On one of our trips, after we pulled into camp, Mrs. Professor opened the rear clothes closet to discover the wooden clothes hanger bar had fallen down along with all the clothing. On closer inspection I found that the plastic retainer screw was yanked out of the wall. It is amazing to me that one little screw was holding up that bar of clothing.

For a fix, I busted out the cordless electric drill (a tool every RVer should have) and promptly reattached the retainer with not one but four new screws. I didn’t drill a hole, just powered the screws through the existing plastic plate. I did the same with the opposite side retainer which already had two screws. Now all is well in closet-land.

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