Monday, November 28, 2022


Keep your hitch ball covered — DIY RV project

By John Cook with Russ and Tiña De Maris

After walking into the hitch ball on my tow rig while wearing my “dress” blue jeans, not long after greasing the hitch ball, I ran the risk of using some colorful metaphors.

What a shame that I was still a couple of years from hearing from our reader, John Cook. John, too, hates the risk of having a greased hitch ball exposed to the elements, or is it having the human race exposed to a greased hitch ball? In any event, John has come up with a simple, inexpensive cover for his hitch ball, which he’s graciously shared with us.

John obtained a 3-inch PVC drain pipe end cap to use as a hitch ball cover. Inside the cap, he affixed a 3/4-inch round “super magnet,” using JB Weld as an attaching medium. The magnet, glued to the cap, ensures the cap will stay in place atop the hitch ball, no matter how much grease is sitting atop the ball. To make sure the entire ball (and shank) is covered, John coupled the cap to a 3-inch PVC drain coupler, sawed off to the correct length to cover the hitch ball. The coupler is glued to the cap using general purpose PVC cement.

All of the “parts” can be purchased at your local Home Depot. Cap: Store SKU # 811440. Coupling: Store SKU # 18903. Magnet: Store SKU # 63380.

Thanks to John for his ingenious “coverage”!

photos: Home Depot


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