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Keeping your powder — er, paper — dry

By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Our first BIG RV, when we moved away from a teeny-tiny truck camper, was an even BIGGER truck camper. Just what the dear-heart wanted: An air conditioner and a BATHROOM! No more porta-potty blues for her, no sir! But the big old camper had a big-old bathroom problem: Wet bath.

Yes, some RVs have a bathroom situated in such a way that you can sit on the pot and take a shower at the self-same time. For some, that’s a mighty convenient thing, especially for those of us with bad knees or sore feet. But it does tend to create one unintended consequence. How do you keep those bathroom roll goods from turning into a pulpy mess, and useless for their intended purpose?

We’ve heard several ideas to try and resolve the soaking-toilet-roll issue. Some say, “Just stick the toilet paper outside the bathroom when you take your shower, and put it back inside when you’re done.” Now, admittedly that simple solution ought to do the trick. But I’ve found that along with bad knees and sore feet, sometimes comes a little disconnect in the upstairs department, too. Mister, it’s called, “Got to REMEMBER to put the TP outside.”

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Others said they didn’t have any trouble in that way; they simply put the TP roller just outside the bathroom door and left those roll-goods there permanent-like. Uh uh. You’ve never lived with “Mrs. Fastidious,” or her mother, the one who said proudly that after decades of marriage, her husband had never seen her unclothed.

Other suggestions include the illustrious use of clever TP roll covers. Gallon freezer bags as an example. Or coffee cans. One backpacker noted, “Coffee cans are wonderful for keeping your important papers dry and ready for use under any outdoors weather condition. And they come in two flavors, European Roast and Gourmet Supreme … er, I mean metal cans and plastic cans. The nice thing about the plastic Folgers can is the built-in handle for easy carrying.”

We never did resolve the problem suitably. We just got a new rig with a dry bath.

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1 year ago

We had a 1997 Fleetwood motor home that had a slot cut into the door under the bathroom sink. The tissue roll dispenser was mounted inside on the door. Fed the paper thru the slot leaving enough hang to get hold of. It wasn’t a wet bath but saved space in the small bathroom. Looked factory, but never ran across one again to see.

Steve Tolbert
1 year ago

A Google ad covers up part of the article and I can’t get rid of it….so, no full article for me

Sink Jaxon
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Tolbert

I think you can go ad free if you donate to the site!

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Sink Jaxon

Thanks, Sink. But the ad-free newsletters for our members are only the main RV Travel and News for RVers newsletters on Saturday and Sunday. Any of the individual articles linked in them still have ads, including those auto-inserted by Google. Since this was an older article that was linked in the newsletter, an image was still in the original location which collided with the auto-inserted ad. I moved the image so hopefully that will uncover the portion of the article that Steve wasn’t able to see. 😀 —Diane at

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Steve Tolbert

Sorry, Steve. Some of the older posts had images in locations which conflict with the now-auto-inserted ads from Google. I’ve moved the image so hopefully you can read the full article now. We apologize. —Diane at

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