Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Leave roof vents open even in rain with MaxxAir covers

By Chris Dougherty
Certified RV Technician

Imagine this: You are dry camping in the rain in July. Stuck in your RV, you can’t run the air conditioner, and because it’s raining you can’t open the roof vents. So there is almost no ventilation. No fun, right?

Ventilation of an RV’s interior is of primary importance. During the warmer months, using a roof vent allows the hotter air to escape and draw cooler air in through the windows. A stored RV collects moisture (condensation) inside, especially when there are the large winter temperature swings, making ventilation essential. When using a shower, a roof vent aids in letting the hot steamy air out, and the same goes with the kitchen.

In the middle of summer, even a rainy day can be hot and steamy inside the RV. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have that roof vent open, even when you’re away from the coach? Well, you can. MaxxAir ventilation solutions for RVs are a must for any RV owner. The company’s roof vent covers allow the RV roof vent to be left open in any weather, preventing rain water from entering the coach while allowing for good ventilation.

MaxxAir, a division of Airxcel, has three different covers to fit any budget or ventilation need, and all are designed to fit over the standard 14-inch by 14-inch roof vent. The Original was the first on the market and is the company’s most basic solution, as well as smallest in size, and is available in four colors including a transparent smoke color, white, almond and black.

The second, larger model is the MaxxAir II. With twice the ventilation area of the Original, it sports a sleeker aerodynamic style and is available in the same four colors as its smaller kin. The MaxxAir II comes standard with hinged hardware, which means you can just pull two long cotter pins and the unit tilts up for cleaning around and inside the vent … a huge plus.

The third is the Fan/Mate which is designed to cover the high-powered ceiling fans like the standard MaxxFan or the Fantastic Fan. These are available in two colors, white or black, and also hinge for easy cleaning. Their much-larger size allows for the highest amount of airflow over a covered vent fan.

All the MaxxAir covers come with a six-year limited warranty, and are available through most RV parts retailers and Amazon.com.

If you haven’t put vent covers on your coach, I highly recommend you do so. They will be one of the best accessory investments you can make in your RV.



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