Friday, October 7, 2022


Little America: The only motel in America with its own Zip Code

There isn’t a whole lot of civilization between Evanston and Green River, Wyoming, on Interstate 80. One notable exception is Little America, a giant truck stop and motel complete with its own post office — Little America, 82929.

Named for Admiral Richard Byrd’s 1929 base camp in Antarctica, Little America has provided a similar haven to motorists since 1934.

Little America is the only motel in America with its own Zip Code, making it a memorable stop for anyone interested in visiting superlatives by the road. The truck stop is well stocked with the regular trucker and road-tripper merchandise. If you’re hungry, grab a meal in the coffee shop or if you’re not THAT hungry, a 50 cent ice cream cone is the best deal for miles.

And, heaven forbid, if your tow vehicle or RV is acting up and needs a mechanic, there’s a repair shop that specializes in diesel engines.

We’re sad to report that Little America does not have an RV park, but there’s plenty of room to park for awhile to stretch your legs or take a snooze.


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11 years ago

we were just there.. for a little place it has lots of billboards!

Jim and Sandie
11 years ago

That's where I used to stay when I had to go down there for my job.