Tuesday, September 27, 2022



Man uses RV as battering ram against SWAT vehicle

A man in an RV rams Seattle SWAT vehicle (what was he thinking?). Fire and a standoff with the SWAT team ensued.

Police were called to a parking lot where the RV was parked at Airport Way South and South Dakota Street around 6 a.m. Tuesday for an unknown reason. When the incident escalated, a SWAT team was summoned, reported KIRO7.

Negotiators were talking to the man, who refused to surrender, before he rammed a SWAT vehicle with the RV. Then came the tear gas. And fire. Heavy black smoke and flames erupted from the RV and SWAT officers and a K-9 then moved in to rescue/extract the man from inside. The man was pulled out but appeared to have severe burns.

It is not yet known how the fire started or why the man decided to go up against a SWAT team.


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