Need hospital care? Your RV may be welcome



By Jim Twamley

Many hospitals have designated RV parking. In fact, many have hookups that patients and family members can use for free. Often the idea of a designated spot for parking RVs comes as an afterthought, so hospitals may have sites grafted into an existing parking lot. In cases like these, electric is great, water sometimes, but don’t expect to find a sewer hookup.

These RV facilities are often found at hospitals that have long-term treatment programs like cancer treatment and guarded pregnancy (requiring the mom to be in hospital care to bring the baby to full term). Hotel costs are often prohibitive for people in these situations, which is why the RV solution is a great alternative. Patients and family members can live on the hospital campus in the comfort of their own RV.

If you need to use one of these facilities make sure you check in with the administrative office. These spaces are usually on a first-come, first-served basis, and require some connection with a patient in the care of the hospital. I’ve used hospital RV facilities several times in conjunction with the care of family members and it is very convenient. A fixed-income cancer treatment patient told me that she didn’t know what she would do if it were not for the RV parking available at the hospital. She counted it a great blessing to be able to stay there for free while undergoing treatment.

If the hospital RV parking is full or they don’t have RV hook-ups, you may still be able to park your self-contained RV in the out-back hospital parking lot. Check with the hospital administration office or the security office to get permission to do this.


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Judi Kanne, RN, BSN, BA

Are you familiar with such a facility within the State of Georgia?


DeSmet SD has one. We got to our campsite one year and they failed to call us to tell us that it was underwater. So we went into town and found a hook up. Not full but enough to get us thru the nite. Free too. Would do that again.

Tommy Molnar

My wife took ill while traveling in Nevada one year and she ended up overnight in the hospital in Elko. I asked if there would be a problem with me parking in their lot with our travel trailer. No problem. They told me RV’ers often end up in their facility and we could park in the outer edge of the parking lot. They don’t have specific RV parking. Just don’t block the way in to the ER.

Jim O'Briant

Unfortunately, some RVers see an RV parking in a hospital parking lot and jump to the conclusion that any RV can park there, either overnight or for several nights. So they just drive in and park, wherever they want, without permission from the hospital. It’s analogous to the RVers who think every Walmart is a free campground, and who park there without permission. Just as this arrogant behavior is causing many Walmarts to discontinue the practice of allowing Overnight RV Parking, I fear that the same actions may cause hospitals to do the same. This would be a shame, as those to whom the hospitals grant this permission are in a position where they really need it.


My wife became deathly ill while traveling in Washington. I recalled I had seen a hospital in the small town of Coleville on a previous trip. I took her there as it was the only hospital for many miles. It was an excellent facility. While she was hospitalized there for nearly a week, I was allowed to park my motorhome in the employee area. It was a beautiful setting with large grassy areas and trees. Each morning I was treated to deer grazing right outside. I was told this hospital was a satellite hospital of a very large hospital in Spokane. It was equipped with all the technology of the larger facility due to the remoteness of the area. My wife received excellent care there. If you are ever in this area if Washington and need medical assistance you can rely on receiving very good care in Coleville. Coleville also has a community campground where you can find water and a dump station. A walmart is nearby also.