Saturday, December 3, 2022


Big Red Warning = Norton Security False Alert


Did you see that BIG RED WARNING when trying to visit our website Tuesday morning?

OH NO! – seriously though, it was a false alarm

Scary, right? Well, normally we’d agree with you. But in this case, it was a little bit of Norton Security crying wolf and a little leaping before looking on their part as well.

First up, let us assure you that at NO time was hacked or in any way compromised. We take security pretty seriously around here and we want to make sure you know you can trust us and our website. If you ever see anything that seems odd or out of place on our site, please do use the contact form or just email and let us know.

So what happened really? Without getting too technical, we use a service called Cloudflare to keep a copy of our website closer to where you are. That makes our site a little faster and that makes sense, right? Well, millions of websites agree and also use Cloudflare, and one of them must have had some kind of scam on it. Which one? Who knows. It wasn’t us and there are literally hundreds of thousands of infected web servers out there right now – it’s just something us security geeks deal with.

Unfortunately, when Norton ran into that other bad server, they grouped ALL of the websites on this very popular service into the BAD column. Norton should have taken a second look at the actual site that was causing the problem. I’m sure they would say they were just being cautious, but the boy who cried wolf didn’t exactly protect his sheep, now, did he?

Anyway, we’ve reached out to both companies and basically told them to get their acts together. Until then, we’ve taken steps to ensure you don’t see that message again.

Happy Travels!
Kim Christiansen

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