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Omni Chill High-Efficiency A/C system enables three A/Cs


GOSHEN, Ind. — Until now it has been impossible to operate three RV air conditioners in “cooling” mode at the same time. With each air conditioner requiring up to 20 amps of power, the electrical demand exceeded virtually all of the RV’s 50-amp capacity. Enter the Fuzion Omni Chill Super High-Efficiency A/C system.

Says Fuzion product manager Jeremiah Dumka, “The all-new Omni Chill 3/4 plus-ton A/C system delivers 50 percent more cooling power than other towable RVs. This is accomplished by advanced technology that enables all three air-conditioners to run at the same time, making the all new Fuzion toy haulers the ‘coolest’ units out there!“

Omni Chill was developed in partnership with Dometic to take advantage of that company’s high-efficiency fans and compressors. Unlike current three A/C setups, which rely on an energy management system to cycle one of the three A/C compressors (off and on to balance the electrical load), Omni Chill makes it possible for all three compressors to operate at the same time.

According to Dometic National Accounts Manager Mike Boyer, “We worked closely with Keystone engineers and the Fuzion product team to make this breakthrough system a reality. In high ambient temperatures, Omni Chill lowered the interior temperature dramatically below that achieved by conventional systems. This will make a significant difference in keeping customers cool and comfortable in hot climates.”

Fuzion dealer Holiday World noted that the Omni Chill system will be a major selling feature to this Sun Belt dealer’s customers. With locations in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Katy, League City, Willis, Dallas and Alvarado, Texas, beating the heat is a real plus.

Says Kevin Hoffpauir, “We were struck immediately by how well this system cools the coach, especially within large spaces like you find in Fuzion toy haulers. Because so many of our customers camp in hot climates, Omni Chill will be a great feature to pitch to all of our customers and sets Fuzion apart from the competition.”

Omni Chill is one of several advanced technology features Fuzion has introduced this fall. Another Fuzion exclusive is the Winegard ConnecT RV Internet WiFi Extender with 4GLTE. This system makes it possible to enjoy high-speed Internet almost anywhere and turns an entire RV into a secure hot spot.

Information obtained from press release.

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David Lee
5 years ago

I guess the writer of this press release doesn’t understand that a 50 amp RV has two legs of power for a total of 100 amps. I currently run FOUR air conditioners at the same time in my RV with no problems.

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