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Readers share their “on the road again” stories

“On the Road Again”! It is one of my most favorite songs! Every spring as we finally pack everything up and start heading north again (or south, or west or east), I blast “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson through the speakers in the motorhome. I seldom tire of it, even after looping it five or ten times! My husband does, though. I think it is because he has no control over the stereo system while he is driving…

We are on the road again

We are “on the road again” and I am filled again with excitement and anticipation. First stop is Homolovi State Park in Arizona. We stopped and checked out Winslow, Arizona, while there.

The easiest way to find things to do when we stop is to just use Google. We search: “Things to do near me now.” Today I Googled “Things to do in Winslow, Arizona” while we are camping at Homolovi State Park.

Winslow, Arizona

9-11 Remembrance Garden

The Remembrance Garden in Winslow honors 9-11 and has two steel beams from the World Trade Center in New York City. A flag from the Pentagon flies at the site. The words “United we stand” also mean that we will never forget. We will not fear terrorism. It is a sobering dedication to the ones who lost their lives. There is a small niche in the beams where people have left notes, army caps and mementos.

9-11 Remembrance Garden
Photo credit: Nanci Dixon
9-11 mementos
Photo credit: Nanci Dixon

Taking it easy, standing on the corner

Of course, with “Take it easy”, a song written by Jackson Browne and a hit made famous by the Eagles, “standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona” was a must-do. So we stood on the corner and took pictures, walked the historic downtown and had some great ice cream.

Winslow Arizona
Photo credit: Nanci Dixon

This is what our readers are doing:

Travel songs

It looks like I’m not the only one singing “On the road again”!

John E. sent us his travel plans. He writes, “We will be heading out next week from Kansas City to South Lake Tahoe to camp host for five months. Going to take two weeks to get out there. I sing ‘On the road again’ every time we take off.”

Hubert R. puts “Born to be Wild” on their playlist. Hubert says, “Unfortunately we had to cancel our two month trip to Key West and then up the Mississippi this spring. Gas prices, the stock market and a surgery that my co-pilot needed stopped us. But we live in Minnesota and there are sooo many wonderful places to travel in our area. Three weeks on the Lake Superior Loop is on our list. ‘On The Road Again’ is in our song list and played as we leave along with ‘Born to be Wild’ by Steppenwolf. Both put the smile on my face as we head down the road!”

“No desire to be richest man in a coffin!”

Tom has this perspective on the high price of gas: “Just back from a 3,200-mile trip to FMCA Tucson rally. Great fun! Got to hear Roger Marble speak (three different times). Gas was a bit pricy, but I have no desire to be the richest man in a coffin. Leaving this afternoon for a week in Mississippi. Travel season has started! Come see America, it’s a great place.”

Fuel cards help, as well as staying longer

Tom M. is on the road for the summer. He says, “We are on the road for the summer. We live in central Florida so can’t really camp because of the snowbirds, but that’s ok. I have many snowbird friends and they help with Florida’s tax base. We never stopped traveling even during Covid. We will stay longer in campsites to cut back on high fuel costs. A fuel discount card does help. We have not had any issues finding campsites on short notice. We are currently at a nice state park in Georgia and heading to the Gulf Shores for a month stay in a private resort. Then, onto Tennessee at another private resort.”

Windy, windy, and cold!

Millicent B. emailed us and wrote, “Left snowbird country like Quartzite and Lake Havasu City on the first of April. This was the latest I’ve ever stayed and it was getting too hot! I had no idea that as soon as I got on the Colorado plateau, temperatures dropped and winds were constant. I traveled only mornings because wind gusts topped 60+ in the afternoons. Temperature registered 19 one morning in the San Luis Valley! Then to top difficult travel along I-25, I saw tractor trailers on their sides from the wind gusts. Colorado has been blowing for two weeks now and isn’t expected to change for at least another week. Multiple fires in New Mexico and Colorado from the winds. I wish I was back in the desert!”

On to Alaska…

Leslie P. is starting their dream trip. “Heading north Monday from southern Arizona. Meeting family for a couple days in Nevada, then north to Washington via several Harvest Hosts stops. Visit our grandkids for a month. Then we are heading to Alaska on June 1. We have so many favorite places but we still love White Tank Mountain Park! We will return in the fall to visit friends and family before we start east.”

Richard G. is on to Alaska too. He writes, “Leaving tomorrow from Florida heading to Alaska in our Class C Sprinter. Will return in October. Safe travels, all.”

Share your travels, too!

I want to share the best of our travels here and I am hoping you will share the highlights of yours, too.

Some questions for you:

  • What are your summer plans?
  • Are you “on the road again”? How is it going?
  • What are some of your favorite places?
  • Do you have a favorite camping memory?
  • Please share your travels.

Please use the form below to answer one or more of these questions, or tell us what you’re experiencing in general. Also, please include a photo. I’d love to see!

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.



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