Saturday, February 4, 2023


Park your RV on a Washington beach: Pacific Beach (video)

Finding a special place along the ocean beach is sure a rarity. Up in the Pacific Northwest, there aren’t too many places where you can take your RV right out to the beach and stay for a day or two. But north of the mouth of Grays Harbor, about center point along the north-south Washington state line, lies the little burg of Pacific Beach.

The state maintains a park in Pacific Beach by the same name. Perched on the beach, in some sites you can sit in your rig and watch the tide roll in and out. Kite fliers and beach combers spend plenty of time decorating the seascape, and overall, its a quiet, relaxing park.

Some summer visit, you may catch those occasional brilliant days of blue sky and sunshine. But Washington’s weather is notably fickle, and a two-hour stretch of sunlight can suddenly change into wind-driven rain that may hang around for weeks. Come winter, park in some of the “ocean front” sites and you can watch winter storms toss the waves around, helter-skelter.

Years back, you could come nearly anytime you liked and find a place to park your rig. But like a lot of those things we “love too much,” nowadays you’d best have a reservation year-around.

Top picks for ocean views? Sites 1 through 6 are great, non-hookup areas. Several of these back up to a bluff, and you can drag your chair up on the bluff and have almost a private outlook over the beach. Sites 7 and 8, and 17 through 30 too, have super ocean views, and offer partial utilities. The park has other non-ocean view spots, too, that cost a few dollars less than view sites.

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