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PET OWNERS: Do you buy your pet food online or at a brick-and-mortar store?

Selecting your pet’s food can be extremely hard. You may find yourself at the pet store reading every bag and every ingredient. You might ask questions like: Are they getting enough nutrients? Do they like this flavor? Will it make them overweight?

Once you’ve finally settled on a good pet food, when you’re traveling it may be hard to find it in stores, especially if they’re local shops and not big chains that you know sell it back home.

When you buy your pet’s food, do you usually buy it online and have it shipped and delivered, or do you buy it at a brick-and-mortar store? Or, perhaps you skip buying their food altogether and you make your own (lucky pets!). After you vote, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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Thomas Champagne
1 year ago

On line offers discounts that their own store doesn’t

1 year ago

We purchase ours through our vet. Our dog has a very delicate digestive system and is on special food. $$$$$

1 year ago

We purchase our pet food from our vet for one dog and from Costco for the other.

Dennis G.
1 year ago

Brick and mortar, but not from the Petco, or Petsmart. We go to our local family owned pet food store.

Micheal Whelan
1 year ago

Used “Froms” for years. Our vet turned us onto Costco Kirklands Best line. Pup gets a good variety of flavors, and with a Boxer that seems to be a requirement….

Stacey Coville
1 year ago

My border collie is 11 years old so he eats food for senior dogs. I can’t find it at any brick and mortar store. But… even if I could, I’d probably still buy it online. It’s so much more convenient.

Kath S
1 year ago

We go through our vet for our Cairn’s high fiber, etc, dry food. It’s only by prescription for sensitive stomachs.

1 year ago

We have always had Basset Hounds, mostly adult rescues. A friend who works in a dog food lab told us Costco kibble was in the top 10 so we buy the 40 pound bag and pour it into a feeder. Our dogs free feed, eating when they want to, all different hours, sometimes a mouthful at a time, no fights and each of them is in perfect weight according to our vet. Easy when we’re rv’ing too.

Bob p
1 year ago

Only freeze dried meat, dogs are not vegetarian so they don’t do well on the cereal fillers in dog food from the store or even the vet who make a killing off the same food you can buy in the store. Read the labels as to what you’re feeding your dog.

1 year ago

I chose “traditional brick and mortar store ” but it’s actually a vet’s office.

Joni Weed
1 year ago

I tried buying my food online. I researched and found a food that was great for my two senior dogs. After two cycles of purchasing the food, it was not I tried one other food that way, and yup, after only one order it was on “back order.” I do not want to constantly change the food my dogs eat, especially the two senior dogs. So it is back to a combination of a military commissary and PetSmart to get my dogs’ dry kibble.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

S&B. I read the ingredients and buy the ones with the least by-products and fillers and nothing made in China.

1 year ago

After a lot of research in 2012 to properly feed an Irish Wolfhound I settled on Fromm’s. We’ve fed it ever since. Important to me is that unlike other brands the dry food has never been recalled. Chewy doesn’t carry it which is fine as I buy it a locally owned store and not a chain store thus supporting the local economy.

1 year ago

Find same product at a brick an mortar cheaper and I’m there anyway. Plus it’s left out on the deck for delivery no matter what the weather. No on-line for any food.

1 year ago

We used to order from Chewy for our cats. The problem is you cannot order a variety of flavors in a case; you have to order a case of all one flavor. They do sell some cases of manufacturers’ “variety packs” for some brands but not all. But no “mix and match”. This is prohibitively expensive and as we all know, cats tire of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol rather quickly.
I have also found our local PetSmart to be the same or cheaper than Chewy in price for the same brands, especially if don’t meet Chewy’s minimum shipping requirement.

Judy G
1 year ago

Ordering on-line with two day delivery is a great option for a full-timer – use Chewy….

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