Sunday, January 16, 2022


Have you ever been in an auto accident that sent you to the hospital for 24 hours or more?

Have you ever been involved in an automotive accident, whether in a car or RV, where you received injuries serious enough to send you to the hospital for 24 hours or longer? Don’t include off-road incidents where you were playing around in the dirt.

We’re hoping most of you will respond “no,” but we’re curious how many of you have actually had such an experience. If you have, would you please take a moment to leave a comment and tell us about it.

If you learned a lesson (other than you’d prefer to never repeat the incident), please leave a comment.

If you are on a slow internet connection, it may take a moment for the poll to load, so stand by.

And, oh, we can’t forget to wish you a Happy (and accident-free) New Year!


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13 days ago

In 75 spent 4 days in hospital after a car accident, in 89 spend 18 days in hospital and 10 days in rehab/physical therapy after motorcycle accident. Still have a 6 “ plate in left leg from it.

Last edited 13 days ago by Tom
13 days ago

About a month ago my wife and I were driving on a roundabout, the was on both sides of a highway. As we rounded the last curve about to enter the on-ramp a semi shot through a yield sign barely in front of us going about 25 -30 mph. That was like 3 seconds before we would have been hit broadside on the passenger side. God lives.

Wayne Caldwell
14 days ago

No, but I sent a pedestrian in Spain to the hospital after he stepped off the curb directly in front of my ’65 Impala and slid up the hood. Then there was the 14year old kid who made a left turn right in front of the Fiat van I was driving in Naples, Italy. They both lived.

Scott R. Ellis
14 days ago

My “yes” assumes that stupid-youth tricks on motorcycles count . . .

Frank Niehus
14 days ago

Small single engine airplane yes auto no

Ed K
14 days ago

About Noon on 31 Dec 98, Idiot driving Ford Exploder in the snow forgot four wheel drive won’t stop any faster than any car manufactured from the 30s with four wheel brakes. He hit the Lady in front of him and then crossed four lanes of traffic and totaled my partly restored 75 IHC Scout II. We spent New Years Eve in the Hospital being discharged about 14:00 1 Jan 99 so about 26 hours.

David Stansbury
14 days ago

Motorcycle. Middle of the night- truck completely stopped in fast lane w/no lights. Hit him at full speed; got out of the hospital about 3 months later. Still hurts…

Gary Stroehl
14 days ago

Yes, truck pulled out of side road and I T-boned him. I was on a motorcycle and spent a week in the hospital. I no longer ride motorcycles on the streets.

Bob p
14 days ago

Bicycle yes car no

Tom Burns
14 days ago

Motorcycle YES, car NO