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How comprehensive was the walk-through on your new RV?

If you didn’t buy your RV from a dealer, then please skip this poll. But if you did, we’d like to know about the quality of the walk-through that you received. Was it very informative, with a knowledgeable person showing you how everything worked? Did he or she take the time to answer your questions to your satisfaction?

Some dealers will take the time to provide such an introduction, realizing that the more the buyer knows, the better their experience as an RVer. And, the buyer will make fewer phone calls to the dealer, wasting employees’ time, asking basic questions.

But some dealers spend little, even no time, showing a new buyer how to use their new RV. Or the employee who leads the tour may be inexperienced and not even know how to work many of the systems himself or herself.

So what about you? How was your walk-through? Your comments are welcomed, of course.


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1 year ago

We had a good experience with the walk-through. Our first trip out we stayed close to home and used everything. It was a great opportunity to find some minor issues – which is all we found on that two day trip. After returning to our home, we contacted our dealer and he made the minor repairs and we’ve had no other trouble with those items. Over the years we’ve had issues but most are from constant use, and traveling the bumpy roads we all have to use. Overall we’ve had little problems with it and we are still quite happy with our rig. Finding a good dealer is the most important decision to make when buying a new or used rig.

1 year ago

Our salesman did ours and we knew more than he did! What a joke!

Gary Broughton
1 year ago

Check all the appliances to make sure they work. Have them fill with water and propane. Stand in the shower for accessibility, spray head height, sit on the toilet, is it convenient to everything. Do you have room for all your appliances? We have electric slow cooker, pressure cooker, skillet, toaster. My coffee pot, goes in sink. Smaller Dutch oven, skillets, pans, sheet pan. Knife holder, paper towel holder.

Gary G
1 year ago

The gentleman giving the tour was more interested in the motor coach he was doing next.
He could have cared less about a two year old fifth wheel. Fortunately we had previous experience with rv’s, but there was still a lot of info that would have been nice to know.

1 year ago

we bought a 2020 motorhome at Leo’s in Maryland. They ran all the water and propane systems, checking for leaks and to make sure everything worked. They did not rush us as we walked through and around and climbed up and under. Our guide was honest about what he did and did not know. We videoed the entire thing so we could review it afterwards.
They even called to highly recommend that we take a long trip sooner rather than later because he said “there WILL be things that need to be fixed”. And they did a good job at knocking out that list when we got back.

1 year ago

We recently traded our Motor Home for a fifth wheel at Lazy Days. We stayed for two nights making the changover and the team there was terrific. We were very happy with the whole experience. There was always someone checking on us, walk through was not rushed and any issues were immediately taken care of. We weren’t sure what to expect and were pleasantly surprised. n

K & LG
1 year ago

Two thumbs up to Rangitsch Bros in Missoula MT. Thought I did my internet research & found the rig I wanted with them. Also thought I was going to fly in from out of state, hand over the down payment, sign a bunch of papers & drive home same day. Wrong! They made sure to walk me through with a tech, several hours’ worth. Even fixed some minor fit & finish stuff on the spot. Very happy with this small family dealer-just wish they were closer.

Vanessa Simmons
1 year ago

This being my first (last and only) RV I didn’t know what to expect, what to ask. I had done quite a bit of research and reading but not enough. I did record the walkthrough and watched it later. When I took it in to have some work done before I really went out on the road I had them show me some things they might have gone over and I missed.

1 year ago

Excellent walkthrough at Colton RV in Niagara Fall NY. We spent about 1/2 a day. This was our third coach, first diesel and we had been RVing for 10 years. The Phaeton was a significant upgrade from our 8 year old Southwind and had enough different features to require the time. Our salesman also took us to a large empty parking lot to show us how the steering was far different from our former gasser (sitting ahead of the steer wheels rather than behind them). We spent 4 days in their 4 space campground moving out of the Southwind into the Phaeton and we had a number of minor fixes done on the spot. They would have been more of an aggravation had we rolled out the day we picked it up. Unfortunately our salesman moved on to another dealer so I have no idea how it is done today. They have been fair to us (in as scheduled and out on time with work completed) the few times we have been in the area and needed service or bodywork.

1 year ago

The idiot at Bretz in Missoula, MT that did my walk thru didn’t even know where the low point drains were, among other things. The place is very friendly and attentive until you sign on the dotted line and then they hook you up with someone who knows very little about RV’s.

Terriann J. Ma
1 year ago

Walk-through was 1/2 day or four hours exclusively for us to get all of our questions answered and make sure that we knew how to operate everything! They even showed us how to winterize and dewinterize as we were on the edge of winter when we took delivery. I felt not only informed but also empowered

Harry Ward
1 year ago

I knew much more about the 5th than the lady that did the walk through so I told her to just forget it. Every other sentence she said was “this is part of the system”. When I asked what system she had no idea. What did I expect since I was at Camping World.

Dennis G
1 year ago

When our family got the walk through for our new RV, it was quite rapid. The salesman did a good job of covering everything. With that said, it took the collective memory of all three of us to fill in the blanks. Even then, I spent hours thumbing through the 4″ thick file folder we received with the coach.

James Dresser
1 year ago

Our walk-through was short and sweet but all we needed or wanted. Stepping up to a larger TT meant we already knew a good deal about how most things worked.

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

We had a good walkthrough, and our sales guy had everything covered. That said, he led us to believe we had an ‘Artic Pack’ on our Motorhome, but it actually didn’t. I got a lot more info from the lot mechanic and early YouTube videos (in 2009) about how to do things in our RV.

Montgomery D Bonner
1 year ago

Our walkthrough was excellent. We were also allowed to stay in CG attached to dealer for 5 days to make sure we got everything under control, questions, etc. Our dealer, Guarantee RV in Junction City, OR was great.

Thomas Boltik
1 year ago

We got lucky with our walkthrough. We knew we wanted a RV repair warranty, and as a part of getting it, the RV needed to be inspected. We had the inspector join us for the walk through, while my son taped it. They showed the inspector things I never would have thought of, and I can go back and review it every spring before we start our adventures.

Thelma Thomas
1 year ago

Our walk through was comprehensive as much on the part of the person from the dealer doing the walk through as from my having a checklist of things we wanted to know. Between us most things were covered adequately. Always have them show that everything works.

Eric Cowan
1 year ago

My walk-through orientation was excellent. My dealer had some water in the tanks as well as plugged into shore power. Got to operate everything, with and without shore power. The rep showed me everything, from where the slide controller was “hidden” should I need to reset it, where the water pump was, GFCI plug, etc… We also reviewed the radio, TV, BlueTooth capability, furnace, A/C operation, etc… At the end, he provided me with all the Owner’s Manuals to each system and included his business with his cell number highlighted, said to call if I had any questions. I did, as I had an issue getting the thermostat out of the AUX mode, I called him on a Sunday, he walked me through it and I was back camping again.

Ellen L
1 year ago

I was not there for the walk through but asked the salesman to video it with Al. It is nice to be able to go back and see it over and over again.

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