Friday, June 2, 2023


How long have you been RVing?

There are a lot of new faces here (hello!) and we’re curious to learn how long all of you (new faces and old) have been RVing. Are you a “newbie” RVer? Have you been doing it for just a few years? A decade? 20 years? 30 years?

After you vote in today’s poll, please leave a comment and tell us the details. We really appreciate it.


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Luther E Wright
1 year ago

My wife and I started tent camping but found out that tents were not working for us with 3 little children. we then bought a pop-up trailer and used that for several years but sold it when we bought a new house. Well that didn’t last too long so bought a used pop-up.

We sold that when the kids did not want to go camping anymore. Some 30 years later when
I retired we bought a KeyStone 26rls and have been very happy on the road when we can..

Karen Newcomb
1 year ago

How long have I been RVing? I just got my first, used travel trailer last month after scouring ads for the past 5 years for a good opportunity that I could jump on in time. I spent those years learning all I could from my travel trailer friends. I’m so incredibly excited and can’t wait to expand my camping across this beautiful country now that I’ve retired and have more freedom!

Bob p
1 year ago

Since 1965.

Eric Yeo
1 year ago

I have been camping in a tent most of my life and loved it! I decided at 59 years old, it was time to get out of the tent and bought a travel trailer back in 2019. I had a great year during 2020 due to COVID because I was laid off and glamped over 40 days. This year not so much due to my busy work schedule. So next year we are spending our weekends and vacation time in New Hampshire on a seasonal site. I think it will work out better for us.

Ron Swartz
1 year ago

I started rving in a 1964 VW microbus that I converted myself. Now, after 3VWs, 1 class A, 2 sailboats, 1 class B and 3 Lazy Daze Class C’s I’m finally hanging up the keys. It’s been a wonderful run.

Karen Newcomb
1 year ago
Reply to  Ron Swartz

I’m envious, Ron! It sounds like a life well lived! Congrats!

1 year ago

55 years.

Both my wife and I grew up in RVing families that had pickup campers. My parents bought one when I was six or seven years old and we traveled somewhere west of the Mississippi every year on vacation.

Shortly after we married my wife and I got a used travel trailer and still continue RVing today having owned numerous trailers and motorhomes.

Candelario Medina
1 year ago

Got my introduction to camping when enlisted in the Army back in 68. Kept right on camping after discharge from the army. Started with a tent, then purchased a 17 foot Shasta camping trailer. Would take the family on camping trips to the mountains and coast. Then I foolishly took the wife to Las Vegas. No more camping for her. Sold the trailer and took up backpacking. Now in my ripe old age, I am back in a homemade camping trailer. Loving every minute of it.

Dale H
1 year ago

You asked the question I’m answering 48 years. But what is RVing. I’m saying we did what we could afford and at least tent camping planted the seed.
Started camping in 74, a friend with a Blazer and tent, Iowa to Colorado round trip. 76 GMC cargo van, then tents. ’86 got an old Starcraft tent trailer, first “indoor” kitchen. ’90 back to car camping with ’90 Eagle Talon. ’96 obtained a Palomino tent trailer. Unfortunately Palomino did not get much use. Got involved with pro motorsports for about 10 years, thus motels. We did get to CA most of those years in Oct. Pack camping gear in Duluth packs and large cooler, check as Airline baggage. Rent minivan. Saw much of west coast between Monterey and Vancouver. 2008/9 a couple of class C rentals. 2010 bought our first class A. 2017 bought our 2nd. At age 72 it may be our last.

1 year ago

Started somewhere around 1956 or 7, with my folks pulling a TT with a 1956 Plymouth Savoy. Then they up-graded TTs thru the years. When we got married we started with a 1963 VW Westfalia bus. Then 68 VW Westfalia, a couple of Ford Vans and now Roadtrek. Sixty some years? I didn’t think I was that old already? (I guess this is why I don’t like math.)

1 year ago

Started when I was a child in a tent around 8, moved eventually to a camper and continued ever since. Camping through the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Now retired more of it.

John Koenig
1 year ago

I started in 2010 with a new 17′ Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer that I could tow with the Sienna minivan I then owned. That fiberglass “egg” was a GREAT way to test the waters without spending a fortune. I found I really enjoy the RV lifestyle and, in 2014, I purchased a new true Super-C diesel puller (a 2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB) which I now full time in.

Doug Davis
1 year ago

I’ve been camping (dry) for decades. But only the last couple years have we “RV’d”. I consider having hookups an level parking to be RVing. Without is camping.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

I started with my dad at age 5 and I’m now 68 so that makes it 63 years. I will say that back in the 50s the campers were much smaller and the campsites were as well.

1 year ago

If you count sleeping on an Army cot under trees, I’ve been camping for 73 years…. moving to a pop up trailer on up to a 40′ 5th wheel.

Don Nedrow
1 year ago

I started camping in high school with a tarp and sleeping bags. Got married in 1960 and bought first 15′ travel trailer. Have had several travel tralier’s, 2 Class A’s and now a Class C. Still enjoying RVing at 81.

Dennis G.
1 year ago

My family started camping when I was two-years old in 1969, in a cabover camper in Yosemite. Over the years we went everywhere from snow skiing to Death Valley in her. In the late 70s-early 80s we rented a class-a with our cousins and went all over the Sierras. Finally bought a used 1986 Jamboree, in the late 80s. The Jamboree was traded for a new 1996 Flair. My step-dad passed away 6 years ago. That old Flair is going strong and now is used by my family, everything from big NP vacations to weekends for boys travel-baseball.

Frank Currie Tibbetts
1 year ago

I started with a 1973 18′ Winnie in 1974, went to 1976 went to 30′ Midis then 20 ft Dolphin, ( 1 trips to Alaska in this one) Gulfstream 30′, 1994 30′ Trailer with GMC diesel, 1996 Monaco Windsor, 1999 Monaco 38′ Diplomat, 2002 43′ Monaco Dynasty and still have that. The diplomat made 2 trips to Alaska and crossed the Arctic Circle on the haul road and on the Dempster Highway, ended up spending 3 days at the Arctic Circle as it was raining the Ferry to Inuvic was not running. We made many trips to Mexico, down the end of the Baha and the Copper Canyon, and many trips to Rocky Point, Mexico. Unfortunately, I have so medical problems and looks like we will be limited to short trips to the Casino’s in MS and LA. In fact the Coach is up for sale, We pulled a Crown Vic Behind the Windsor, a Jeep Cherokee for all the others and made many runs on roads where there were boulders, Fun. My Partner and I have many times to look back on.
Frank Currie Tibbetts

MN Anon
1 year ago

We’re just a year-and-a-half into RVing, but have enjoyed tent camping over the years. Feels lux to sleep off the ground!

David Dougherty
1 year ago
Reply to  MN Anon

I completely agree with you.  About 68 years ago I began tent camping and I went out one weekend per month for years in all weather.  Loved it.  Then about 30 years ago (I blame climate change) the earth got harder and suddenly I found the ground too hard to sleep on.  For some reason, the bed of a pickup truck also became too hard to sleep on.  Incredible.  I tried an air mattress and even folded blankets under the sleeping bag, and then slid off onto the newly hard ground, before deciding to quit camping.  Finally, four years ago, I bought my first metal tent and I love being able to sleep on an innerspring mattress in that metal tent.  My metal tent does not drip inside if you make the mistake of brushing the ‘skin’ while moving around.  I have had animals in my tents over and over during the years and one warm night while sleeping halfway out of my tent, I had a moose step on my arm.  That moose probably carried the sound of my scream to his or her grave.  Now, my metal tent doesn’

russell grassl
1 year ago

Probably 20+ considering starting with tent, tent camper, truck camper and then moving to 5th wheel, which I did for 16 years. Then got out with the onset of covid. Miss it greatly.

Gregg G.
1 year ago

3rd generation RVer…
My grandparents retired at 53 sold their house and fulltimed in their Fireball TT. My parents bought a Traveleze TT back in the early 60s and we used it about 3-4 weeks a year for ever. Been a tent camper until a few years ago when DW declared we had to get an RV; did the rental thing for a few years then a couple years ago we bought or inTech Sol Horizon TT – love it! Camping and RVing has always been a part of my life.

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