Monday, September 26, 2022


If money didn’t matter, would you rather drive across America in 7 days or fly in one day?

Say you had something to do in a few months on the other side of the country. You had time to plan your trip, whether that meant you drove (in your car, and stayed in hotels, or in your RV and stayed in campgrounds) or flew. If money weren’t an object, would you rather spend seven days driving cross-country or would you rather just fly for a few hours and get the journey over with?

We’re assuming that since we’re all RVers (read: drivers) here, you probably don’t mind driving. You might even love to drive! But perhaps you’d rather just fly somewhere quickly instead of spending seven days driving.

After you vote in today’s poll, please leave a comment explaining your answer. Thanks!


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Brain Michaud
6 months ago

If money is no issue … definitely drive… this county is too beautiful …not to mention the amazing people in it…. to just fly over it..never……7 days has to be a car did it last summer 2021…10/12 days and still felt like we didn’t get everything in we wanted to see or do luck if I flew I’d have to rent a car from Hertz then end up getting arrested for driving a stolen car and sit in jail for 2 months ….I’ll take my chances with my own vechile …..RV would be nice….but with gas at near 5 a gal and a 3000/6000 drive …3000.00 in fuel??…Well you did say money is not an issue
..just don’t think you could enjoy the drive in 7 days in a RV …

Capt. TS
6 months ago

I’ve done both several times, 7 days is not long enough, it’s miserable, pushing yourself long hours. Making and breaking Camp 7 nights in a row or catchung a few hours in a Walmart, if I had a few weeks to kill Shure but 7 days sucks

7 months ago

7 days is definitely doable. I have done it many times and never more than 5 days or less. I always loved driving and hate flying.

Donald N Wright
7 months ago

I just do not fit in coach seating designed for a Hobbit.

Capt. TS
6 months ago

They specifically said If Money were no object, and there is a thing called First Class. How much do you think a Class A motorhome cost in fuel to go from the east coast to the West Coast?

7 months ago

Lets see One day of being miserable and not being able to take what you would like to take compared to 7 days of having fun and taking everything you would like to take. That a hard choice NOT.

Bob p
7 months ago

If god wanted me to fly I would’ve hatched out of an egg with wings on my side. I flew in my early 20s but no more, to many nuts flying now.

7 months ago

At least a Month to drive across, then another Month to drive back by a different route

Gary G
7 months ago
Reply to  Tim

My way of thinking also

Kristian Boehmer
7 months ago

We would drive, if it’s only a 7 day window, I’d take a car, but if the schedule allowed for more time, we would take our RV and enjoy the trip. You just can’t cover as much distance safely in an RV as you can in a smaller vehicle, in the same amount of time.
I fly often for work, but that’s just so I can stay productive and get all my work duties taken care of. You can’t really answer emails promptly when you are driving..

7 months ago

I said fly because 7 days is not enough to enjoy the driving experience. I want at least 3 weeks and more time is better.

7 months ago

RV for sure, but at least two weeks.

7 months ago

Wouldn’t fly today or the next several months, would be worried about other passengers who feel they are entitled to do what they want, when and where they want. I take RV or train.

Candelario Medina
7 months ago

I used to love flying back in the 70s. It was a great experience. Now a days, you have to go through the gauntlet of security, you get packed in like sardines, airlines nickel and dime you to death for your luggage, flights are often late or cancelled all together. I stopped flying years ago. I wouldn’t go on a flight if it was free. As the old saying goes ” All goes things come to an end.

Susan Nichols
7 months ago

We are planning a cross country trip across the S. States in April from AZ to FL. Looking forward to seeing sights we haven’t visited before!!

Capt. TS
6 months ago
Reply to  Susan Nichols

And how long are you planning to take to do it? I’m going to guess not 7 days.

7 months ago

Not going to happen, either way. Driving our camper cross-country on today’s ill-maintained highway system in seven days would see it shaken to pieces before arrival. Trying to fly commercial would see me in prison after a TSA agent groped my wife. So, lets stay home and visit/do business via Zoom. Maybe use the “unlimited” money to have one rip-snorter of a local glamping experience.
Would like to add, my wife recently admitted that she is extremely nervous crossing bridges in our camper under our national “it hasn’t collapsed yet” maintenance system.

Last edited 7 months ago by Gray
Neal Davis
7 months ago

I never was keen on flying apart from the brief amount of time it takes to arrive somewhere relative to driving. However, since TSA’s advent, flying has become even less attractive. Aside from traveling to Hawaii or Ireland, I’ll drive. I enjoy driving and the ability to pack heavy, accounting for every weather/temperature possibility is extremely attractive. Besides, I can much more enjoy the ground I cover, the scenery I see, and the people I meet when driving than flying.

7 months ago

Since we live smack dab in the middle of north Texas, is so hard to answer that. We are 18- 20 hours either direction by DP. Flying would be 3 hours.

7 months ago

Just 7 days?

7 months ago

It’s not really the matter of money as much as it is the time

7 months ago

If I only have 7 days to get cross country, I would rather fly, at least then I will arrive refreshed. I have planned 18 nights to get from Ohio to Northern Washington in August and we will be traveling many more hours per day between the 6 stops, BUT we will stay 3-4 nights at each park. That is the fastest we plan to travel in the 6 years we have been full timing.

7 months ago

Once I retired, I never wanted to fly again. I may be late to my funeral, but who cares?

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