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Do you read other RV-related newsletters?

Every time we turn on our computers there’s another RV-related newsletter popping up in our inbox. There sure are a lot of them these days! Of course, none of them are as good as ours (wink), but still! It seems like everyone is putting one together!

Do you read any other RV-related newsletters other than the ones we publish here on The correct answer is “No, just,” of course. We’re kidding… sort of…

If you answer yes, will you please share with us in the comments what you like about those other newsletters? We’re trying to be the best we can be around here, and we’d really like to know what you like, or don’t like about those other newsletters. We really appreciate your input!


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6 months ago

I go to different RV sites that relate to my type/Brand of RV. Sometimes brand experts give good information on various problems with my Teton homes 5th wheel not found elsewhere. This site is visited daily for all the current scoop on the complete RV universe, and I am rarely disappointed.

7 months ago

No I only read yours.

BILLY Bob Thronton
7 months ago

No i dont myself. I find the content to be informative and interesting. The staff seems to keep topics to the lifestyle and industry happenings fresh, with a format that is an easy read.

Ray D.
7 months ago

I said no because after seeing Chuck doing a YouTube video, I’ve been with you guys since going on 2 years now, looking forward to the weekend newsletter. It’s still winter here in Wisconsin but the season starts in about 7 weeks,yours in ring Ray D.

7 months ago

I answered “Yes, one or two” but should add “sort of”! I SCAN a couple of others but READ (several of them actually). I ALSO donate (a small amount but better than nothing at all) and wish everyone who reads would do likewise. Even $1 a month would help you know!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
7 months ago
Reply to  Lindalee

Thank you for your kind words, Lindalee. We appreciate them, and we appreciate you, as well as your support. Everything certainly helps! Thank you so much! Have a good night. 😀 –Diane

Dennis G.
7 months ago

RVTravel only for me. Other newsletters do not go into the detail I’m interested in.
Am a member of IRV2, and listen to the RV Show USA.

7 months ago

Yours daily, others like IRV2 when I have time and especially when I’m having a problem with our brand.

7 months ago

RVtravel is the only newletter I read though I’ve started searching around for others since the new polls/information focus on lifestyle issues that are not RV related. This will not deter my annual contribution as this is the best newsletter that I have found. My only other dedicated reading is the Jayco Owners Forum which I believe is the best RV forum on the internet.

7 months ago

I read most of RVTravel, skipping over most towable stuff since I am not interested in it unless its about conserving space or weight. The others I scan are too focused on offering me a solution to a problem I don’t have that they are selling. I do read Facebook groups and find them fun for the vast array of misinformation and fixed opinions that are not really useful. They provide me with some giggles however.

7 months ago

I do read other newsletters, but most of them contain too much propaganda. Occasionally I do find some useful information but not often. RVTravel is the only one that I have not “unsubscribed” your newsletters provide the information that uninterested in without the influence of the manufacturers. Many of your articles have changed how I connect, how and load. Thanks for your valuable information.

7 months ago

I started with Roadtreking when I got my Roadtrek. That sort of went by the wayside, but it did lead me to RVTravel. There are others that pop up, but I know how to dump a black tank so they have nothing for me. I normally hit delete before I even open them. As to the “travel blogs”, I really don’t care if you got stuck in the sand, or your rig was too long to turn around. Didn’t your folks teach you anything? Why didn’t you take Physics in high school? I guess every new generation saddens the older generations. I guess this new generation never had a sandbox or Tonka trucks. Yep – I don’t believe it, but I guess I’m getting old. So many people don’t use their blinker, or their thinker.

7 months ago
Reply to  KellyR

I have to say AMEN, KellyR! I AM older (74) and I see LOTS of no blinker no thinker!!!

John Koenig
7 months ago

Over the years, MANY other RV “publications” have been merging and then regurgitating the same RV pablum (some of it true, some HIGHLY biased / influenced by God only knows who). Somebody has decided that, like other social media, RV information should be “standardized” so that readers are more easily “monetized”. Chuck Woodbury’s seems to be the ONLY voice who puts RVers FIRST by giving them information that is truthful and useful. I’ve supported for years now with an annual voluntary donation. I urge others who value straightforward RV reporting to do likewise.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
7 months ago
Reply to  John Koenig

Thank you very much, John. We sincerely appreciate your kind words of support, as well as the fact that you, as they say, “put your money where your mouth is.” It’s because of the appreciation of folks like you that we try every day to improve what we’re delivering to you and how we deliver it. Have a great day. 😀 –Diane

7 months ago

I read a lot about rv’ing. I just can’t get enough:

RV News
RV West (Canadian)
RV Business
Rollin’ On TV
RV Geeks
Techno RV
RV Pro
Camper Report
Togo RV
RV Life
Escapees RV Club Mag.
….As well as viewing a few select rv blogs on tv

I DO other things though, just not many. There’s a lot of duplication on topics as you’d expect but sometimes the information differs which makes it interesting and informative. We are boaters too so you can guess there’s a lot of reading there too.

Jeff Craig
7 months ago

RVTravel gets my eyeballs daily, but I do get newsletters emailed to me that I will browse over. Many are half news, half adverts for RV gear, while RVT is nearly exclusively news – and I trust it more than the emails.

7 months ago

RVTravel was first, and is primary, read from top to bottom. I also receive and read and, and follow several YouTube channels. Covering all the bases!

7 months ago

I answered “no”; however, we follow several informative subscriptions on Utube and belong to a few FB groups. One of which includes owners of our same TT manufacturer sharing tips, upgrades and travel recommendations.

7 months ago

I try to cross check many sources on whatever subject I’m researching.

7 months ago

No. This newsletter is very informative. Covers a huge range of topics, space for sounding off, updates. Fulltimers should read your newsletter, because the newer RV magazines are mostly ads, caters to a select group and
Has ignored good reading for seasoned readers and travelers.

Neal Davis
7 months ago

I do not read other newsletters, but I do subscribe to a few blogs (Chris Travels and RV Geeks) and get one or two (?) RV electronic magazines in addition to newsletters or magazines from the Escapees, Mobile Internet Resource Center, Freightliner Custom Chassis owners group, FMCA, American Coach owners association, and as an honorary member of the Ramblin’ Pushers (Holiday Rambler owners association).

Scotty H
7 months ago

Yes, I read a daily newsletter dealing with technical issues and advice geared specifically to my brand of motorhome.

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