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Where do you prefer to stay—in a scenic, primitive public campground or a nondescript but clean RV park with full hookups?

Where do you prefer to stay with your RV, in a scenic, primitive (no hookups) public campground, like those offered on BLM lands or by the U.S. Forest Service, or in a nondescript but clean RV park with full hookups?

Do you like to get away from the crowds in a beautiful out-of-the-way campground, maybe by a lake or along a river, even if you have to drive a few miles on a dirt road to get there? Or is your cup of tea a full-hookup RV park with all the amenities—maybe even swimming pool, or a hot tub or golf course in a fancy place?

Or do you prefer to get away from crowds entirely by squatting for a few days or longer on public lands—like in the sparsely populated deserts of the Southwest?

Or heck, maybe you’re on a tight budget and holing up overnight in a quiet corner of a Walmart parking lot will do just fine.

Please let us know. And, as always, your civil, respectful comments are invited.

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Linda (@guest_195130)
1 year ago

Variety is the spice of life. We are full timers that enjoy it all – we’ve boondocked through Canada, Alaska, in state & national parks and also enjoyed full and partial hookups. We love it all🥰

Lyle Latvala (@guest_195091)
1 year ago

I find it interesting that about 50% want to stay with full hookups. Are these the same people who pull in, hook up, turn on their a/c, and watch TV the entire time they’re there? Why not stay at home, where the TV screen is probably bigger. There’s a big difference between ‘RVing’ and ‘CAMPing’ …

MrDisaster (@guest_195082)
1 year ago

I don’t need a “Resort” I don’t need FHU. I want a level site with stable power, it would be great if it had water. I need a dump station and I’ll drag my tote to dump. I’d love a table. I’d like to know what to see or do in the area and it doesn’t need to be near the most popular locations.

Steven N (@guest_195006)
1 year ago

It all depends on what we are doing so it’s “All of the above” for us.

Leonard Rempel (@guest_194956)
1 year ago

I prefer to mix it up. Boondock, Harvest Hosts when traveling, State/Provincial Parks, and of course a nice RV resort.
This is not a one choice poll.

Stuart Spillman (@guest_194906)
1 year ago

All of them make up the camping experience. Any one can be a memorable stay, good or bad.

Vanessa (@guest_194867)
1 year ago

All of the above.

Terri R (@guest_194793)
1 year ago

Scenic with water & electric is fine – don’t need full hook up for our week long excursions at this time

David carlson (@guest_194706)
1 year ago

we have a MH with large fresh water and waste tanks, so electric hook up would be all we really need for now. Looking to improve my battery power supply.

Brian Burry (@guest_194682)
1 year ago

The glamping Motorhome RVers that we are want full hookups with a quality RV Park and a great pull through site or if on the water a pull-in view!!!

Dale Gilbert (@guest_194679)
1 year ago

I would like primitive but we need full hookup for wifes breathing machine

Fred Adam (@guest_194677)
1 year ago

It depends on the trip. My wife likes us to use full hookups on our lo get wanderings through out the country. But if it is just me with a couple of grandsons we go for more scenic, less developed camping areas.

Bill (@guest_194671)
1 year ago

Scenic and full hookup aren’t necessarily exclusive. What we tend to avoid is high prices for amenities we don’t use. State fairgrounds, state and county parks, COE parks, and military campgrounds often give us a natural setting, sometimes good views, usually decent locations relative to interesting areas, usually reasonable prices, and often full hookups. We do boondock at Harvest Hosts, moochdock, and occasionally a Walmart but if it’s more than a couple of days DW wants full hookups.

Marcia Fisher (@guest_194668)
1 year ago

State parks, COE parks, with partial to full hookups are our favorites

Bob Weinfurt (@guest_194659)
1 year ago

We boondock most of the time but my G/F likes us to have access to a pool and other amenities at least once in a while. We do need to have electric for A/C if it’s hot.

Andrea Schmidlin (@guest_194636)
1 year ago

We love city parks, county parks and state parks with or without hookups. We’ve found them overall to be clean, spacious and friendly.

KellyR (@guest_194625)
1 year ago

We need just a quiet, safe, night. We ‘stay’ on the move.

Lorelei (@guest_194620)
1 year ago

Primitive and scenic with trails. Privacy is good. Vault toilets are ok if they don’t reek too badly, and need dumpsters.

Donald Sholey (@guest_194615)
1 year ago

Definitely a scenic primitive campground or boondocking away from crowds. If we want to stay near a bunch of people, we can stay home or go to a city. Isn’t the point of camping to relax and get some privacy?

Scott (@guest_195059)
1 year ago
Reply to  Donald Sholey

yes, I agree…I do not need to have some loud music or other vices that the full hook up can enable. Get unplugged from all of the background noise of every day life and get away from it for a while.

Lawrence Neely (@guest_194605)
1 year ago

It depends on the situation. Boondocking or forest campground for 2 or 3 days but longer trips I would like to have some hookups. If in the midwest or hot southwest, would need air conditioning/full hookups.

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