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Is your RV “out of action” because it needs repairs?

We’re hearing a lot of talk these days about long waits to get RVs repaired. In some cases it’s because there are too few service centers that are not booked up for months. A wait of a couple months just to get an RV into the shop is not at all unusual. And then it’s your turn to wait in line for someone to work on it.

There is, after all, a shortage of qualified RV technicians, and, alas, newly certified technicians cannot keep up with demand for service.

And then there’s the equally big problem — parts! It doesn’t do you much good to get your RV into the shop, only to learn the part you need is unavailable and won’t be available for weeks or months.

Well, let’s see if readers are having issues getting their own RVs repaired. Is your RV ready to go, in mechanically great shape, or is it stuck right where it is for one reason or another? Please leave a comment.


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Steven N
8 months ago

The 5th wheel is ready to go, unfortunately the tow vehicle is down due to an accident. Went ahead and decided to winterize the 5th wheel and put it away for the season because the vehicle repair is going to take 4-6 weeks. Thankfully I have several friends that can help with their truck.

Gary Bate
8 months ago

Over the last 2 years I’ve resorted to doing my own repairs and maintenance, you tube is a great resource. I’ve replaced the roof AC, the awning, switched the coach batteries to lithium and installed a new charger controller and done numerous minor repairs and maintenance stuff, it did take 3 months to get the replacement AC unit during the peak of covid but fortunately it was winter so we didn’t need the AC for our travels. We have not had any trips cancelled or interrupted due to repair or service issues and have traveled well over 25,000 miles these past 2 years. We are the lucky owners of a 2009 Winnebago View. I do use the local Mercedes dealer for some routine service and maintenance and keep everything documented for the next lucky owner

Neal Davis
8 months ago

We called our nearby service company — Northgate Parts — last Monday for an appointment. Our water pump seems to have gotten much louder and seems to have a small leak somewhere. Our appointment is tomorrow. Yes, 8 days after we called. The expectation is that we’ll take our RV home in the afternoon after it arrives that morning. We have an appointment for extensive work at the manufacturer in January, but nothing makes the RV unsafe or unuseable.

Don Sholey
8 months ago

Our water heater was firing intermittently but I diagnosed it and fixed it myself. Our refrigerator is on it’s last legs so I’ll replace the cooling unit in a few months. It’s a 1993 Itasca Sunrise, so being able to repair it is definitely a money and time saver.

Karen Bates
8 months ago

Been there, done that earlier this year but all is fixed now and road worthy!

Lawrence Neely
8 months ago

F350 in shop for blown head gasket, 4 weeks waiting for parts and then a month for the shop to have the time. Should be ready next week, but herniated my back, so no trips in the near future

RV Staff
8 months ago
Reply to  Lawrence Neely

Hi, Lawrence. So your truck blew a gasket and you blew a disk? Ouch! Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery so you can get on the road again soon. Take care. 😀 –Diane

8 months ago

Rig is good to go. Now to find a replacement for our truck that was totaled two weeks ago. sigh.

Richard Hughes
8 months ago

Sadly, our trailer has been in the shop for 2 months waiting on rubber seals for Lippert windows. Lippert quit making the windows in 2018 and finding the outside seal has been a challenge. Also, the Norcold fridge is not running. To add insult to injury, our Ram 3500 has been in the shop 4 times for throttle control issues and now we are having problems getting a dealer service to do warranty work for exhaust issues.

Thomas D
8 months ago

Not the rv, but the truck. Waiting for parts for DEF.
Been over a month. Chev dura max. No more diesel. When it works its great. Now I’m renting a car. Thanks EPA

8 months ago

the MH is ready but we’re not. we just put ‘Banana Boat III’ up for sale. after 36-seasons and tens of thousands of miles we’re calling it a day.

William Dunbar
8 months ago

Our 2022 Tiffin has been at the dealership service center now 10 weeks for a slide recall and damage that was done to slide because of defective rams. This being the longest time so far we have not been able to use it. Last time was 6 weeks for repairs. Have not been able to take a trip of any length since be bought it (Nov. 8, 2021).

8 months ago

Mine is in the shop for interior warranty repairs. We could use it, but then we’d lose our place in line when they get the parts for the repairs. We had to wait 7!!!! months to get new flooring in to repair a rotted-out slide floor. When they finally got that fixed, the first time we went camping, we discovered that something under the repaired floor ripped a gaping hole in the vinyl flooring. Now we’re waiting on FR to ok the repairs and CW denies any involvement on how it happened while re-installing the slide out. You should have added a line item on the questionnaire if the unit needed repairs but unit was still usable. CW states that the slideout has a design flaw, but doesn’t know how to correct it. ??????????

Tommy Molnar
8 months ago

It took a while to get our purchased new 2012 TT all fixed and adjusted to our liking, but now it’s as close to “perfect” (for us anyway) as we can get. Along the way we’ve made some replacements due to failures but nothing out of the ordinary. So when we read stuff that Tony puts up and sorta get ‘new stuff itch’, we quickly swallow and say no way. Too many stories of misery and inability to use new RV’s due to no warranty work being done. We’ll ‘suffer’ through with our “perfect” trailer – 🙂

8 months ago

For the past 18 months, our camper has resided at the repair shop more often than not. During spring we Picked it up — partially completed — and left early to beat the hot weather, waiting for AC upgrade. We used a portable as needed.

We are now headed out for a month, knowing that when we return the ceiling which as been re-glued twice (different shops) will need to be redone once more.

Three years ago, we had a small leak at front cap seam repaired. Each year thereafter we have had yet another shop attempt the repair. Last night, we discovered a damp corner…same place as always.

Our rig has been a remarkably good one, and most of the work recently has been upgrades vs. must-do repairs. No difference in results.

Less than 5 months travel over 18 months. Acceptable? No. Reality? Absolutely.

8 months ago

Perhaps a better wording of the question would be how many months of camping (during past year, etc.) have readers lost due to repair/parts issues vs. using a single point in time?

Tom E
8 months ago

I’m doing the repairs myself. I got tired of pouring $$$$ of useless repairs into our POS Atwood furnace. All of my previous RV’s had very reliable Suburban furnaces so I purchased a replacement for our 5th wheel, pulled out the POS “money pit”, and finishing up installation of the Suburban furnace. After installing the inlet air/exhaust port, wiring up the thermostat & power and gas line, I flipped the on switch, raised the temperature, and the furnace fired right up. It ran for one hour heating the 40 ft. of space from 55 to 72 degrees. The removed POS would have cut out several times requiring shutting off, turning on, heating a couple minutes – repeat again and again. Two RV service repair techs and $$$$ in parts and time could never determine the root cause nor solve the problem.

Also got tired of the Dometic roof AC unit freezing up in >90 degree high humidity days so I installing a mini split heat pump unit that uses 1/2 the power.

Leonard Rempel
8 months ago

Earlier this summer I rented out my 5th wheel through a reputable rental company. The renter damaged the cargo door rendering it useless and I had to remove it, covering the gaping hole with a tarp and duct tape. 3 months for a new door to arrive. What a horrible experience, so I will never rent it again!

8 months ago

We had a tremendous hailstorm that damaged our MH. It is currently having the roof and windshield replaced.

8 months ago

Our 1998 Casita is not the problem. It’s the truck that has all the issues and is keeping us home.

8 months ago

I wanted to modify my answer, by saying we are using it, but we are waiting on a part for our 2nd air conditioner, so we have avoided camping when it is very hot. This year has not been much of a problem for us in the upper midwest. No idea when, or even if, it will arrive. We may be looking at a new air conditioner. We’ve used fans to pull cooler air into the bedroom at night. I laugh, or cringe, at how spoiled we’ve become.

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