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Would you spend $1,500 to stay a week in a gorgeous, luxurious RV resort?

Would you spend $1,500 to stay a week in a gorgeous, luxurious RV resort? Let’s see, that comes out to more than $200 a day. We’re talking an exceptionally beautiful place — not the kind of dump where you step out your front door and trip on your neighbor’s sewer hose. Nope! We’re talking about stepping out your front door onto a beautiful brick patio and maybe the shoreline of a pristine mountain lake is just feet away, with trout jumping and taunting you … “Bet you can’t catch me!”

Okay, calm down. We’re not talking about going to actual Heaven. But maybe a kind of heaven on earth.

So what do you think? Would you pop for $1,500 to stay 7 nights in such a paradise? And did we say that there’s not a single nugget of dog poop anywhere, and no yappy little Pomeranian for at least two miles, and no screaming young ‘uns zooming by on rented pedal trikes … and there’s no college frat boys blasting the most gawd-awful music you have heard in your ever-loving life? … No, partner, we’re talking about RVing Paradise.

So what do you think? Leave a comment if you’ve got some words inside you that just gotta come out!


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3 months ago

Never say never. I said probably not.
I could see it for a milestone anniversary or birthday or some special event. But probably only once or twice in a lifetime.

Richard Hughes
3 months ago

I wouldn’t do it if they cooked my meals, made the bed, washed my clothes and gave me a bath. Not that it wouldn’t be nice, but the caliber of snooty people who would pay that aren’t the kind of people I would want to camp with.

Dawn Jackson
3 months ago

No. We splurged like this once and felt extremely out of place in our entry level Class A. Other than one other couple, we were surrounded by $1-2 million dollar rigs. Talk about feeling like the poor relation. We never saw anyone outside either. They must have been inside enjoying their personal luxury or they were just avoiding the riff-raff (us). We still enjoy the nicer “resorts” just not at this price point.

3 months ago
Reply to  Dawn Jackson

I agree, a little glam can go a long way. It hurts me to pay over $100 a night for special locations or events. Every once in a while I’ll splurge for a couple nights at 125. . .

Wayne Caldwell
3 months ago

Not just no, but…..

3 months ago

I voted “no way” but not because it’s out of my price range but because that’s not my idea of camping.

3 months ago
Reply to  Marie

Same here. We wouldn’t pay that much for a MONTH, let alone a week. Cost isn’t the issue.

3 months ago

People that answered “yes”, equals more money than brains. Just my opinion.

Mark B
3 months ago
Reply to  John

So, according to you, there are a LOT of people out there that have no brains, but have a lot of money? 🤔 Just because YOU don’t agree with what someone else does, doesn’t mean they’re wrong!!

Steve Trimble
3 months ago

Would not spend that even if I had the money. We stay at campgrounds for what is in the area to see or do. Not for amenities , as long as it is clean and well taken care of. Don’t spend much time in campground a place to eat and sleep.

Jeff Craig
3 months ago

If I’m spending that kind of money, it had better come with a maid service or Disney Park tickets.

3 months ago

Not even if I had all the money in the world. I just am not comfortable in places like that. I’d be MUCH happier parking next to a dairy barn.

Bob Weinfurt
3 months ago

NO WAY, even if I had the funds. I much prefer a more rustic, natural environment. That’s why I boondock a lot more than staying in a commercial park with hookups.

Michael Butts
3 months ago

Yes, $200/night is a LOT more than we typically spend. We’d consider this a major splurge for a special vacation. Our child and their spouse stayed at a Hampton Inn nearby a state park we were camped at earlier this spring. They paid $250/night for a “meh” room in a “meh” hotel.

Tom E
3 months ago

Let’s see. Door #1: 2 months in a Florida RV resort for $750/mo to escape the chill of winter; maybe 2 months in the Adirondacks to escape the summer heat? Or Door #2: one week in that luxury spot then return to the bitter cold or summer heat? Mmmm. I’ll take door number 1 for 2 months thank you very much. No frat boys and only the occasional weekenders to destroy the otherwise peaceful and relaxing campground environment. Ok, it’s not a trout stream or mountain hideaway but there are some mighty fine seafood spots. Tall Live Oak trees or tall evergreen trees. Kayaking, hiking, & biking. Mostly like minded neighbors 20 feet away in the next sites over. Evening gatherings and weekly potluck dinners. We can chat while I pick up after our two Chi-Chi’s or maybe even while dumping the tanks. All that for an additional 7+ weeks of campground bliss compared to the 1 week of “loner bliss”?

Leslie Smith
3 months ago

NO!!! That is just a waste of money. Anyway, I don’t and never will have that kind of money to throw away.

Diane Mc
3 months ago

We have. As an exception. All depends on where it is. Last year we went back to RV park in the Keys that had been wiped out in the Irma hurricane. Before hurricane it was $100/night and packed liked sardines. We were married there in 2006 and just love being there. Last year we did not stay as long since the price went up to $200/night. New park is beautiful. We had a water view, large stone paved patio w/nice furniture. The landscaping through out was gorgeous. There were lesser priced sites, but we knew it might be the last time there so we went for it. BTW, we saw a lot of travel trailers/class C’s, not just Class A’s. Our coach is 20 yrs old and they never asked about age.

Tina W
3 months ago
Reply to  Diane Mc

What park? I agree breath of fresh air that many beach front Florida parks don’t care about the age of the rig. Our money is plenty green with them. And yes we would consider $1500 for a prime location. Not just a nice park. But the site would have to be NICE and very scenic like beautiful lake surrounded by trees, mountain view, on the ocean, etc. Even on the ocean would be a stretch unless very spacious sites with nice pavers for patio and just perfect.

3 months ago

While $1500 for a week may be well within what many here could afford, that doesn’t mean it makes sense to do it “just because.”

I agree with Bob…I’ll sit on my porch on my own acreage overlooking the beautiful hills and valleys of the Mississippi river valley.

Jim Larocca
3 months ago

We have visited Jackson Hole, WY each summer for the last 6 yrears on business. We need the be close to our RV and the only place in town is The Virginian RV park. It was a $45.00 overpriced park but very convenient for our needs. It was sold in early 2021 and now the price is $165.00 per night. Our business required that we stayed 5 nights. Location, location, location.

3 months ago

Should have had a choice “Are you kidding?!”

John Koenig
3 months ago
Reply to  Larry


3 months ago

No, instead of spending $1,500/wk in a luxurious rv park, I will just stay home and enjoy my beautiful patio area at my town house.

Bill Coady
3 months ago

Wish there had been a simple “no” response available. While we can afford it, we would not choose to stay in this type of facility. Way too much “glamp” and not enough “camp” for us. I’m glad there are folks that do like this style of travel and “camping”. We prefer national, state, and county parks with or without hookups as well as boon-docking.

3 months ago
Reply to  Bill Coady

My thoughts exactly, I could, I wouldn’t

Gary G
3 months ago

There are exceptions to everything, but for the most folks are nice whether they are in a million dollar motor coach or a five thousand dollar what ever. We would not stay in a park like that not in our budget. Actually we only want a safe place with standard amenities, if staying for couple of weeks at a fair price. A few days no problem dry camping. Money no problem, sure we would stay there but honestly we don’t use much of any parks facilities, maybe the showers and laundry.

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