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Did you buy an RV in 2020? Are you happy or unhappy you bought it?

If you are a member of the RV industry then you were not necessarily complaining about much during the recent COVID pandemic. You were were likely celebrating how good it was to you. It was a record year for both RV production and sales — with about 600,000 RVs built and shipped to dealers.

Anyone with the travel bug was unable to fly to Europe, and they feared even traveling around the USA and staying in hotels where germs might lurk. So the idea of traveling with an RV was incredibly appealing.

So now, a couple of years have passed. RV sales have slowed, and the pace of RVers selling their rigs is picking up. Prices of new and used RVs are dropping.

If you bought an RV in 2020, are you still happy about doing it? Or do you wish now you didn’t — maybe you still have another 18 years left on the RV’s loan and you’re already tired of it or it’s starting to fall apart and in need of repairs.

So, please let us know: Are you still happy about buying your RV or not?


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Dan F
6 months ago

Bought 1968 forester rebuilt ground up by me no issues we are looking at new intech oasis because I like the design. But hesitant from seeing past build qualities.

Ted Edge
6 months ago

We bought a Lance. 2375. Too many defects to list. We plan to paint LEMONS on the side of it and drag it around the country.

Some Guy
7 months ago

I bought a Winnebago 23BHS a month right before COVID became a thing, so I was planning this purchase for a few months, but despite one minor repair, it’s been smooth sailing for about 12 trips now.

7 months ago

I actually bought two 2021 models. The nuCamp 620 truck camper was a mistake. The Rockwood tag along was ok. More warranty issues than I am use to but given the COVID issues and the good service from the dealer I’m ok with it. The Rockwood was the most expensive RV I have ever purchased.

7 months ago

I bought brand new a 2020 Grand Design Transcend travel trailer, built December of 1999. A few minor issues, great quality build and good service from the dealer. We just upgraded to a 2020 Grand Design Reflection 337RLS fifth wheel, built in September of 1999 because the brand new ones are crap! I think we will be happy with this purchase.

Last edited 7 months ago by Eric
7 months ago

Ordered our new 2021 GD Imagine 2250RK in August of ’20. Picked it up in November. We’ve had a few glitches with it: Hot water tank – water line not attached correctly and electrical connections to it were bad. Living area electrical outlets not connected correctly, some not at all. Interior sliding doors hit the floor. We dealt with the propane regulator and cabinet hardware recalls (yes – cabinet hardware so sharp it would cut you). The toilet supply line (thank god!) STILL has a mysterious, “sometimes leak”. And the roof… goodness gracious. This RV is 2 years old and already has needed FOUR repairs to the seals. The connection between the awning and the outside wall leaks when it rains. The thermostat for the entire A/C and heating system is governed by a sensor UP INSIDE THE SHROUD OF THE A/C. Not even kidding there. The seals on the refrigerator door were so loose, we had to stick foam insulation inside the seals to get cold food. I’m sure there’ll be more… 🙁

7 months ago

Bought a 2018 Solitude in 2020, trading our 2013 Rockwood bunkhouse. No regrets. We take trips as often as possible, both long and short and continue to make upgrades. Very happy we bought used!

Rick DeMotte
7 months ago

We bought our second Nash trailer, a 2020 23D in August 2020 and now have 11K on it and we have been very pleased with it. Have had a few minor issues but they are related to supplier products, not trailer build quality.

7 months ago

Bought a 2020 in 2019 and am happy with it.

7 months ago

Bought a new Tiffin in 2020. Got our order in before everything shut down. Build was also almost done before the shut down. Then there was a delay in delivery. The motorhome is excellent quality. We had very few issues which the dealer and tiffin took care of right away. Any questions I have I call Tiffin and get excellent customer service. They definitely are the best.

Joe S.
7 months ago

Bought a new 2020 Casita trailer (built in 2019/2020) and it has been great. Two loose cabinet screws in the 17,000 miles since purchase. Best purchase of any camper (tent, pop-up,van, motor home) owned in past 55 years on the road.

BJ Wieland-Doucet
7 months ago

I bought used but I’m glad I did. I should have done better “due diligence” BUT am happy I got my RV.
Doing some renovation & hopefully will be road worthy by next summer.

Deena Jones
7 months ago

We bought a 2019 36′ Bighorn traveler (used) in the spring of 2020. It was on the lot as consignment and got a great deal on it. Haven’t regretted a minute of owning it. It has been a great 5th wheel for us, and we plan to keep it for years to come.

Diane Mc
7 months ago

So glad we are at end of our RV lifestyle. Wouldn’t want to take a chance on a new MH. We have a 20 yr old Class A with a new engine, 5 yrs old with 50K+ miles on it. (Original over 200K). MH still looks good, with all the features we want. Just a question of does the motorhome give up first or us.

7 months ago

we bought a brand new forest river forester over $100,000 out of 9 months it sat on the lot getting warranty work or redoing warranty work for 6 months. I finally said take it back we’re done. that was a costly lesson learned.

Michael Katz
7 months ago

I purchased a Coachman Freelander class c and it was the worst piece of junk, slide could not be fixed. Toms Camperland in Avondale Az stood behind the product and gave me a full refund to apply to a new vehicle – purchased a coachman class A Miranda, with no problems. I had the best experience of support from any dealer in over 40 years of rv ing and owning over 9 different units all purchased new.

Sheryl Hendrix
7 months ago

Well the question wasn’t did you buy a 2020 RV right? We bought our never used by previous owner 2017 Newmar BayStar in February 2020. It’s had some problems because it sat but, long story short we got a heck of a deal! LOVE IT! Plan on living in it forever!

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
7 months ago

The reader poll did not exactly fit for me. I purchased a Forest River Rockwood 32′ Ultra Light 5th wheel in 2015. It was the trailer my wife saw in a campground and thought she loved it. Now after many problems, she hates it and wants me to sell. I must say, the floorplan was perfect for us but it has been a rolling piece of junk.

Pamela Holt
7 months ago

We had several issues to resolve on our 2020 East to West. Cheap battery, which we had to replace, ourselves, within 6 months was the worst. Also, cheap shower faucet and cheap DVD player. The dealer never would acknowledge the bad battery. Kept blaming our truck, which had no connection problems.

7 months ago

I bought a new 2019 Forest River FR3 33ds motorhome in Jan 2020 and have been very happy with it. I downsized from a 2012 43′ diesel pusher coach which I am glad to be rid of!! I would not have bought ANY rv made after 2019 since I believe the quality has been worse than normal since the covid pandemic started in early 2020.

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