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Did you buy your present RV new or used?

Do you remember when you bought your RV? Were you excited to bring it home and take it out on its first trip? We’re sure you were! That’s one of the best feelings…

Will you tell us in the poll below if you bought your present RV new or used? What about your RV before that? Did you buy it new or used, and did it sway your decision for buying your present one new or used?

Leave a comment after you vote and tell us the story of how you came to buy the one you have now. We’d like to read those stories—thanks!


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Bill Forbes
14 days ago

We have always bought used vehicles. We bought our current RV from RV Park and Sell in Tucson, good deal and straightforward people. Due to a minor glitch (check engine light due to throttle position) they delivered it to us at our next destination in California, and drove our trade back to Tucson.

15 days ago

I’ve bought 2 class a in the past 5 years, first was a newmar dutchstar gasser. She ran great and family made a lot of fantastic memories with her, traded a few years later for a 2001 Beaver Patriot and traveled across the country for 3 months with the family, what a fantastic lady she is. Drives like a dream and still get plenty of compliments on her when we’re on the road. Covid has shut her down for a bit but I know she wants to get out and explore some more soon. Have never regretted buying used. The build quality is still better than most mh being put out today.

Linda Gunn
16 days ago

We bought our class A used after researching for a year. We bought from a dealer because they got us a 3 year extended warranty that was a great deal, and included mobile rv repair. We used it one time for 4 things. Prior owners kept all their records and receipts, original books, window sticker, instructions from Fleetwood and appliance books, etc in the unit. Very well cared for. 4 years of full-time RVing and 40,000 miles later, we’re still happy. Better quality, bugs worked out before we bought, better value. Living the dream 😊

16 days ago

Motor Home #5. 2018 Fleetwood Storm with 17k and absolutely no marks of any kind inside or out. Largest (39′), newest, most expensive and by far the one with the most problems. After 15 months the coach itself has been great, but from insta hot problems, microwave oven failure, check engine light issue, leveler sensor, black tank valve leak, A/C blower motor, outside radio display failure, battery charger cylinoid, tank/charge gage circuit board, and our toilet vacumn pump crack/leak. And now I need to do the expected maintenance of re doing roof sealants and replacing the 5 to 6 year old tires. Only good thing I have to say at this point in time is that I still have over 4 years left of my extended warranty. The warranty company is at a loss now not to mention all my deductibles and inconvenience.

Leslie Smith
17 days ago

We bought it New in 2005. It is a Coachman Spirit of America. We have never had a major problem and very few little problems. It is a Gem and still going strong. It has been back and fourth across the US and to Alaska twice. We mostly boondock or dry camp in Forest Service Campgrounds. I see I can still find them used. That gives me hope that if this one does fail, I can still get another!!

Jesse Crouse
17 days ago

Used. Best decision we ever made. Would not buy anything being built now including the current Tiffin brand we have. ” If you buy a Thor; You will be sore”.

Joe & Helen
17 days ago

We have purchased three brand new RV’s since we started RVing in 1978. All were Winnebago products purchased from Poulsbo RV in Kent, WA and they have wonderfully done most all of our service work for these 45 years.Our 1998 Itasca Suncruiser just hit 100,000 miles coming home from a WIT outing. There will not be a 4th RV however as we both turned 90 in 2022. Our WIT group meets every month and several of our kids have RVs or trailers so our travels will be local. It’s been a big part of our lives and we have enjoyed it.

Richard Watts
17 days ago

I researched RVS for 2 years before buying. As a boat owner, I knew of the big hit in price a first buyer takes. Bought a late 2011 Newmar with 9,000 miles in 2016 for 50% off original list. It’s been a joy for 35,000 miles so far.

Dennis G.
17 days ago

Answered we bought our RV new. Which is 1/2 true. My parent purchased her new, my wife and I got her from my parents.

Uncle Swags
17 days ago

Like Rodney Dangerfield said about not buying used textbooks that were already highlighted “That guy could have been a maniac”. Much more inclined to break it myself than buy someone else’s problem.

Matt Colie
17 days ago

I kind of had to find a used one. I have wanted a GMC since the mid-70’s and they stopped making them in 1979. I lucked out and found a good one. We have loved her for 17 years. Many in our community are longer term owners.

17 days ago
Reply to  Matt Colie


Greg m
17 days ago

We bought our 2020 Entegra Accolade 37K Super C earlier this year. The previous owner had bought it during Covid & only used it a couple of times for a short trips. Then he sold it to a local dealer in southwest Florida & we traded for it. Only had 2000 miles & 1300 of those were bringing it to SW Florida from the Indiana factory.Excellent condition, just needed fluids changed, etc. Great value for us plus our trade-in was worth prime $$$ this past March.We got much more in actual $$$ for our trade-in that we paid for it 3 years & 15,000 miles ago!

Last edited 17 days ago by Greg m
17 days ago

Bought ours new 13 years ago. It replaced our first trailer that we bought used. We love our trailer and will hopefully use for many more years…Nash!

Paul S Goldberg
18 days ago

Because of a family farm we were limited to 36 get to the slab our son had built for us. I wanted a diesel pusher after 12 years with two gassers. In 2012 there were only 2 36′ DPs being made by top names. Winnebago Journey and Tiffin Phaeton. The two dealerships were less than 90 miles apart. As we were test driving and looking at the Phaeton I called the Winnebago salesman repeatedly to schedule a time. He kept telling me the coach was at another location and would be in his shop real soon now. I got the deal I wanted trading in an 8 year old Southwind with 105K miles on it for a lightly shopworn 2012 Phaeton 36 QSH. Our punch list was dealt with on the dealer’s lot while we were transferring our possessions into the new coach – 3 days. Most of failures in the first 5 years were “operator error”. The two of Big Three (disintegrating slide floor and cracking on the roof rails) were dealt with in Red Bay on first visit there, they spotted the failure on arrival inspection.

Lisa Harris
18 days ago

Bought the Sprinter from a couple who were selling the year we wanted, low miles and great condition! Took it to Sportsmobile for the “RV” part. So we bought “new” AND “used.” Very happy with the result!

Jay Jeffress
18 days ago

We bought our 2017 Winnebago View from a private party who had listed it for sale with only 1,800 miles on it. I thought, there must be something bad with the unit. However, I eventually contacted the seller and found the reason. A serious health issue had happened that prevented them from using. We traveled 800 miles to check it out. Looked and smelled new. We bought it and saved some money over a new unit. We love it. So, it was used, however, we would never have purchased new.

Thomas D
18 days ago

New but should have called it used for all the minor repairs I had to make. Just poor workmanship

18 days ago

Bought a dealer show coach after they replaced it w\the next model, diesel pusher w\5k miles on it. This is the only RV we have ever owned, after doing research on types, mfg’ers, & specific models for several years. 20 years and almost 130k miles later, we are still happy w\our choice.

Jeff Craig
18 days ago

Bought my brand new Georgetown (our first RV) in 2009 from a liquidator at half off MSRP when the banks crashed the economy.

18 days ago

We bought a end of the year RV, saved thousands of dollars and still had all features we wanted

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