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Have you ever stayed overnight in your RV in a Sam’s Club store parking lot?

It’s well known that most Walmart stores welcome free overnight stays in self-contained recreational vehicles. In a recent survey, slightly more than half of readers reported that they had stayed overnight in a Walmart parking lot. For many RVers, it’s a very regular (and money-saving) thing.

But you don’t hear much about RVers overnighting in the parking lots of Sam’s Club stores, with its approximately 600 locations spread around the county.

Sam’s Club, owned by Walmart Inc., competes with Costco with its huge warehouses, low prices and spacious parking lots. It plans to open more than 30 new clubs across the United States within the next several years, its biggest expansion in years.

We’re curious if Sam’s Club is as welcoming as Walmart: They are owned by the same company, after all. So have you stayed overnight with your RV at a Sam’s Club? Have you been welcomed, or maybe even kicked out? Please leave a comment.


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1 month ago

Yes, when we first bought our motorhome we went to Sam’s to shop and buy stuff we would need to start our full time adventure. We were parked there 2.5 days total. Nobody ever came out and said we had to move. It was great! Quiet at night since it’s closed. Plenty of space. We even opened our slides at night because we were way back in a secluded corner of their lot where nobody ever parks.

1 month ago

Yes, several times and all were quieter than overnighting at Walmarts since SC isn’t open all night. One time, however, we were awakened at Sam’s by the “street sweeper” cleaning the parking lot. 🙂 We always ask permission to stay overnight while we’re shopping in either WM or SC. Once a Sam’s Club mgr. said no. We told her we’d leave right after eating our supper (we’d been driving all day, were tired, and we knew we could go down the street to WM and park overnight). While we were eating the mgr. knocked on our RV door and said we could stay. She was on her way to her car to go home, saw how nice our 5th-wheel looked, and changed her mind. We appreciated that, and did stay there.

1 month ago

This could be another Winter activity: people-watching in a Sam’s Club parking lot.

1 month ago

We have stayed several times at a sam’s club. We like that it closes at night, since walmart sometimes is open 24/7. Call ahead as I seem to remember Sam’s club was stopping the service.

Bob Weinfurt
1 month ago

At Walmart a few times but I’ve never come across a Sams club when I needed to stop and rest..

1 month ago

I prefer a Sam’s Club parking lot versus ANY Walmart. If they are together, I will find the best parking spot between the two. We shop at each any time we stop. That’s how we “pay back” for the “free” overnight parking.

Roy Davis
1 month ago

I wanted to answer “sort of” because the WalMart and Sams Club we next to each other.

1 month ago

Yes at least a couple times with no issues. Once we started out in one when around midnight a group started street racing in the parking lot. We moved down the road to a old empty Walmart parking lot.

1 month ago

Not a member so no.

Sandi Pearson
1 month ago

Yes to Sam’s club parking lot… but not by choice! RV park looked like a worse choice!

1 month ago

I am shocked at the number of people that turn their nose up at the thought of boon docking at box stores. We’re 17 years retired full time. We’ve stayed at box stores from coast to coast, Houston to Fairbanks, with never a problem. When you’re traveling from point A to B, stopping for only 8-10 hrs, why in the world would you go through the hassle of finding, entering, and setting up in a CG? They aren’t providing the short term product I need. We have passed up a few stores that were in a sketchy location, but the same for some CGs.

Last edited 1 month ago by Richard
Jeff Craig
1 month ago

Stayed on the Walmart side of a combo WM/Sams in Kansas once, after about a 13hour push, but since we don’t have Sams Clubs here in the PacNorWest I have never researched staying there. We have stayed in plenty of WM’s, and a few Cabelas/BPS’s, but since we don’t frequent Cracker Barrel (food was ‘meh’ the one time I went and they have a troubling history of racism) I don’t stay there either.

Neal Davis
1 month ago

We have not and plan to continue. We have only overnighted at Cracker Barrel stores if we cannot find a campground for an acceptable price.

1 month ago

Stayed a few times at Walmart’s and it was quite entertaining.

Rolling Coal
1 month ago

I would, if there was a Sam’s location on our north-south travel route

Matt Colie
1 month ago

Our coach had taken a hit that we managed to repair and limp her home. Along the way of a hard day’s drive, we came on a Sam’s club. It had fuel available, a more or less level place we could park for the night a pizza on tap….. This was what we needed when and where we needed it.

Sheryl Hendrix
1 month ago

That’s what Harvest Host is for.

1 month ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

Harvest Host is not free.

1 month ago
Reply to  Sheryl Hendrix

Maybe not free but next to free $79 a year with unlimited stays and oh so quiet and the wonderful people you’ll meet!

1 month ago

No Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Cracker Barrel. Have done truck stops and rest areas a couple of times. I find it just creepy thinking of over nighting in those locations giving the surrounding areas.

Bob p
1 month ago

If it was close to the interstate than Walmart I probably would.

1 month ago

Never have and don’t plan on ever doing so.

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