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Did you marry your high school sweetheart?

Did you fall in love back in high school? Did you marry your high school sweetheart, maybe after “going steady”? Did it last?

Wow! Wasn’t falling in love at such a young age an amazing experience? Yes, raging hormones were a big part of it, and the difference between falling in love and falling “in lust” were almost impossible to distinguish from each other.

Of course, on the flip side, getting jilted back then was among one of life’s most painful experiences. But we won’t talk about that (no need to bring back bad memories).

If you fell in love way back then, did it endure? If so, which wedding anniversary did you last celebrate? Have you reached 50? Longer?

After you answer the poll, please leave a comment with your story — how you met, where you met, what your parents thought, and how it’s gone since then.

It may take a moment for the poll to load, so please stand by.


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1 month ago

I saw her standing there, the most beautiful girl around. And I was just some nerd (still am, but an uber nerd now). My friend put her arm around me, and my arm around her and walked off. We dated a bit, then she jilted me for another guy with the same name. I loved her too much, so walked away with my head down and tail tucked.
I never married, I had a few dogs. She married soon after high school (not the guy she jilted me for thankfully). Years later she found my website, and I missed her contact twice. Found it the third time. We chatted for about 15 years. Really getting to know each other.
A few years later, her husband died. We went on a first date, and again I almost blew it by telling her how I’m done with dating. I had to explain later I didn’t mean her!
We’ve been together about 6 years now, never even an argument. A few sour notes, but never even any words.
It took me 43 years, but I finally got the most beautiful girl I ever saw.

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  George

What a sweet story, George. So happy for you! I hope you two have many happy and healthy years together. 😀 –Diane at

Frankie Ittel
1 month ago

I moved into the neighborhood in the 7th grade. There were 7 of us that played together. I walked to school with 2 boys and thought of them as brothers. Soon one stood out and he had a red bicycle. We started dating through high school. He enlisted in the Air Force after graduation. At Christmas of 1951 he sent me an engagement ring. January 1st was Leap Year so I sent him a telegram saying “HAPPY LEAP YEAR. I LOVE YOU, WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Ten best words I ever said. We were married 70 years, 5 month and 11 days before he passed away. We started camping in 1963, raised 3 girls, traveled with both mothers in a RV. We both loved to travel so enjoyed our life while on the road. When we retired we would travel West. We went to California over 20 times and it took us one or two weeks to get there as we would stop and tour areas we had sped past before. We changed campgrounds every 2 weeks and met new people all the time!!

Diane McGovern
1 month ago
Reply to  Frankie Ittel

What a wonderful story, Frankie. Thank you! So, he got to you with his red bike, eh? At least it impressed you enough that you remember it this many decades later. 😉 And I had forgotten about women getting to ask men to marry them in a Leap Year. 👍 Have a great day! 😀 –Diane at

Kathleen H Squires
1 month ago

We were sweethearts for 5 years before marriage. We were assigned to be 10th grade biology partners. I was mad because I wanted a better student than he was! I told him if he wanted to be my boyfriend he had to attend school and get good grades, He did. 🙂 In September we will celebrate 50 years with a splurge: A cruise and land trip to Alaska. Our first no RV vacation in forever. We have camped and RV’d our entire marriage. Took our 3 children all over the USA in a 22′ no slide TT. Our latest is a 34′ fifth wheel, 3 slides.
My hubby is and always has been my best friend. He also makes me laugh every day. Life is good together. He was also the best caregiver ever when I was undergoing chemo treatments. He has his own health issues and I take care of him as well.
Our children have all expressed that they looked for a mate that they thought would best match the relationship they saw growing up in our family. So far they seem to have chosen wisely.
Feeling very blessed.

Norm B
1 month ago

Couldn’t stand her in high school. Met after graduation. Been married 59 great years now,

Rick A
1 month ago

Friends in high school; dated in college. Been married 52 years!

Terry Tellier
1 month ago

We have been married for 50 years!

Joe C
1 month ago

52 years this August. We met in my senior year. Her junior year. We were introduced by a mutual friend. I first saw her when she was at work in a mom & pop drive up burger joint.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
1 month ago

We met in latter part of our senior year.
50 years later we are still together.

Dale Gilbert
1 month ago

never had a high school sweet heart. too many girls to have just one

Dennis G.
1 month ago

Met my wife to be when she was a sophomore. I had just return from Germany, for my junior year.
Sitting in math class before the bell rang, overheard a girl complaining that her boyfriend was not taking her to the upcoming dance.
Being rather cocky I turned and blurted out, “Why don’t you dump your boyfriend and take me to the dance.” She did. I did, and we stayed friends for years afterwards. After high school we lost track of each other, and reconnected 13 years ago. I proposed a month later in Yosemite on Thanksgiving. We have been married since.

1 month ago

We met when I was a senior and he was a junior – from neighboring high schools. We married soon after he graduated and will celebrate our 51st anniversary this coming June. 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and our first great-grand child is due in July. Still crazy for each other!

Nc grandma
1 month ago

Met our Jr year in high school in the band room and married 2 months after graduation. That was almost 57 yrs ago.

Gary W Mayberry
1 month ago

Started 1st grade together. Lived only about 1/2 mile apart. She then, for the next year, transferred to a Catholic school for the next 9 years. Came back for 10th grade and we started dating through high school. Married when we were 21 and 3 sons later and will be 55years this July. The love of my life!!

Don Waggoner
1 month ago

We met while I was a senior, got married 2 years later, I was 20 she 21. Married on Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay. June wedding in 1962, will be 61 years in June. Still full time RV and workamping. Life is good 👍

Mary Raynie
1 month ago

We started going together at 15 while Sophomores in high school, married at 22, two kids and a ton of fun and adventures later, we are still enjoying each other’s company 41 years later.

Selene Montgomery
1 month ago

We met through a mutual friend. We will be married 57 years in October.

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
1 month ago

I married my best friend from college.(Took me 9 years and 9 months to realize that when my ex asked me for a divorce 3 months in because” he loved me too much to make me stay married to him” that he was serious. I seriously think he married me to have me put him thru college)
One of my good friends brought her boyfriend to the 24/7 house party that ran at our commune(for the guys- the girls were too busy trying to work our jobs and keep the place going) We became good friends. I had more in common with him than I did with her. Suddenly a few months later she ghosted us both. My parents had disinherited me on my marriage and I had lost almost all my friends when I had to drop out and go to work. But my former room mate and Ed were still there for me.
We married in 1981and are still together. He even put me thru my final 18 months of my English Lit degree. <3
I bought a camper in 2016 when I’d been retired 2 years. I love camping!

1 month ago

Our story is a little different. I married a girl I barely knew in HS. BUT I met her at a party 10 years later and we have been married 49+ years.

Roden Jack
1 month ago

Met my Darling Angel when she was a freshman and I was a sophomore in High School. We got married my junior year in college. It will be 58 fun filled adventurous years this June. We have traveled the world thanks to the military and have been RVing for 23 years. Still going strong and our next adventure is just around the corner.

1 month ago

Yes. Met in 5th grade, began dating as Juniors in HS, graduated in 1967, married in 1970, now married 53 years and happy together.

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