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How many air conditioning units does your RV have?

Remember the days when RVs only had one air conditioner (and that was only if you were lucky and it was working!)? Nowadays, some of these new RVs have three or four A/Cs built into them. You’ll never be hot again!

Do you have an older or newer model RV? How many air conditioners does it have? Have you installed additional A/Cs, or have you uninstalled one or two? Feel free to answer those questions in the comments below. We’d like to know!

As always, thanks for voting in our poll.

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Neal Davis (@guest_242740)
5 months ago

I voted two, counting the roof air conditioning/heat pump units only. The dash air conditioning is a third one and uncounted for the purposes of this survey. Our previous and original RV had three rooftop units (one also a heat pump) and dash air conditioning.

Steven N (@guest_242455)
5 months ago

We started out with only one but since the wife wanted one in the bedroom guess who got to install a second one. Luckily it was already wired for the second one and I didn’t have to fish any wiring from the breaker panel to do it. Geeze those AC units have came up in price!

McTroy (@guest_242149)
5 months ago

1 new roof top AC since the 8 year old unit died earlier thus year. 1 15k unit cools our 35 ft TT until temps are above 95. Then we just stay home. Fans help a lot too.

DW/ND (@guest_242124)
5 months ago

I voted one – but actually, we have a basement model in our 34′ motor home. The A/C has two compressors for front and rear areas, technically two units – however I only use 30 amp power – so use just one compressor. (The 50 amp cord got too heavy to handle – or – I got too weak to handle it!)

Dennis G. (@guest_242119)
5 months ago

2 roof A/C units, on a 1996 30′ Class-A. Which is unusual for our era coach.

Pammy (@guest_242101)
5 months ago

None – I don’t go where it’s hot

jerry mulligan (@guest_242045)
5 months ago

chassis and roof

Richard Chabrajez (@guest_242032)
5 months ago

Our toy hauler came with three ACs. While we never use the one in the garage, I have cannibalised parts from it to repair the other two, which see almost constant use.

Uncle Swags (@guest_242018)
5 months ago

I assume we are not counting the vehicle A/C.

Sven Yohnson (@guest_242039)
5 months ago
Reply to  Uncle Swags

I did! Class B with in-dash, and roof top AC.
We actually use the in-dash (vehicle) AC more than we do the roof top unit.

Split Shaft (@guest_242080)
5 months ago
Reply to  Sven Yohnson

I counted both, since we use both when driving. The chassis AC won’t cool the entire coach and the coach AC won’t cool the front cab area well. The coach AC is powered by the inverter while driving and the 2,800 watt engine hairpin alternator powers the inverter.

Martin N (@guest_242000)
5 months ago

My motorhome has 4 A/Cs. I voted in the “3” category.

Jim Johnson (@guest_241983)
5 months ago

Have two RV TTs. Smaller unit has one A/C. The larger unit has two. It came with one thermostat controlled – ducted A/C and 120v power at a roof vent for an optional 2nd A/C. In spite of being in the SW U.S. in the winter, by the 3rd season we knew the 2nd A/C wasn’t ‘optional’.

Tom E (@guest_241979)
5 months ago

One (extremely loud, energy hungry) original roof top AC and one (super quiet, 2X energy efficient) Mr. Cool AC/Heat pump I added.

Dan (@guest_241990)
5 months ago
Reply to  Tom E

Maybe someday manufacturers will use newer products and technology like Mr. Cool instead of the tired old outdated units found on every new RV. Take a big bold step into the 21st century. If our loud, not efficient, roof top dinosaur fails there will be a mini split replacing it.

Tom (@guest_241962)
5 months ago

1 on this one. Previous 2 RVs has 2.

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