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Is your RV model older than 10 years or newer than 10 years?

Can you believe 10 years ago it was 2013? Oh, how young, sweet, and innocent the world was back then…Sigh…

Anyway, is your RV a model year 2013? If so, that makes it 10 years old this year! Is it a model older than 2013 or one that’s newer?

After you vote, please leave a comment and tell us how old your RV is/what model year it is. You could also tell us if you bought it new that year, or if you bought it used later on. If the poll takes a moment to load, please be patient. Thank you!


  1. We traded RVs a few days more than one year ago. The one we traded away was newer than 2013, as is the one we acquired.

  2. We bought a one-owner 2002 Newmar DutchStar last summer. She is pristine, beautiful, and in excellent mechanical condition. You’d never know she was 21 years old. She has just over 50,000 miles. We just retired and have been enjoying motorcoaching around several states.

  3. 2012 Thor ACE 30′ Class A…bought used in 2015 w/ 7500 mi on her; I am FT mostly & she’s got 70000 mi. now…just beginning to purr. It’s a perfect rig for my dog and I.

  4. We have a 2019 Tiffin RED37 PA. Bought new in 2019. Diesel Pusher with 45xxx miles. Great floorplan. We’ve added 4,12v lithium batteries, 800 watts solar, wine rack, spice rack, sliding trays in basement and much more.

  5. We have a 2008 Holiday Rambler Presidential, which we bought in 2012. Before that we had a Holiday Rambler Alumalite that we bought new and used it for 23 years. It seems the really good brands aren’t made anymore. We have been looking at used 5th wheel trailers, and I keep going back to trailers the same age as what we already have from companies that don’t build them anymore.

  6. Mine is over 10. We bought it in 2017 from friends of ours (full timers as we are) when they had to quit the RV life. They bought it brand new in 2004.
    It’s an 04 Newmar 40′ diesel pusher, 3 slides, with most of the bells and whistles available at that time. It had 142k miles on the clock, now we have 207k miles. We’ve done a few repairs and upgrades and I do all the yearly maintenance.
    We’re not buying another one in our lifetime.

  7. 2016 LilSnoozy Molded Fiberglass Trailer. Lightweight at 2400 lbs. Aerodynamic styling makes sway bars unnecessary. Been Snoozy2 for years now- product just keeps getting better.

  8. 2002 Newmar Dutchstar. 250K miles total. New engine at 200K & new roof, new floors, couch, captains chairs, some minor things and fixed a few things. Never wanted a knew one. Now at our age, probably a few years, if that, from being done. It’s been great. No issues have ever interrupted a trip.

  9. We have a 1998 Holiday Rambler 32ft fifth wheel with 2 slides. A very well built trailer originally has no issues currently. I’ve looked at trading up but can’t really find anything that would be an improvement.

  10. Actually have two RV’s, one is a 1999 National RV Dolphin 5350 35 ft with 1 slide on a Ford F53 V10 chassis. Second is a 1994 Fleetwood Avion 35.5M Fifth Wheel with 2 slides.

  11. Been pretty happy overall with our 2019 Entegra, Anthem. DEF head sensor was our biggest issue but not the builders fault. Our last rig was a 2006 Phaeton and we loved it for 13 years.

  12. My MH is 46 years old. It’s a little rough around the edges but still chugging along. It’s been a lot of fun for the past eight years. G/F and I wanted to get adventurous. We only paid $300 for it. Hasn’t left me stranded yet.

  13. Our current rv (6th.) is a 2019 Winnebago Sightseer class A bought new, and have had very few real problems to deal with.

  14. Our unit is 15 years old, a fifth wheel Colorado. We bought it new and after spending numerous times in rv dealer for repair my husband, being very handy with tools, fixed every little thing that still went wrong with it. Now at 15 years old it is in new condition except for the decals. On the driver’s side they are faded by the sun in southern Arizona, Nevada, Mexico and California where we spent a lot of winters and of course the sun in the summer in B,C, Okanagan Valley. Will probably not trade it in due to quality of new rigs and don’t want to spend all that time fixing it. So far we haven’t had a problem with parks accepting our unit except for want a picture.

  15. By the way — we have an 2004 Fleetwood Prowler 5th wheel still in good shape — hope we 84-year old farts hold out as well as it has been doing.

  16. Age has little to do with older RV’s that have been meticulously maintained over the years or restored other than being a truly wonderful sight to enjoy.

  17. Just feel like it’s time I compliment writer Gail Marsh. She’s very versatile and a great writer. I enjoy just reading whatever she is writing about whether I’m deeply interested or not.

  18. I bought my 24′ 2008 Coachman Freedom Express in 2007. 67000 miles and still going strong. No major problems, only a few “fixes” that I wanted to improve the usability and storage options. Been RVing since 1988 and had 2 used ones prior to this one. This is probably the last one due to our ages, 75/76.

  19. 2005 Dutch Star but in the process of trading it in for a 2015 Dutch Star. We always buy used, look for something about ten years old with around 50,000 miles. We figure that way the previous owner has been using it enough to take care of it.

  20. Current RV is a 1969 Excell 17′ trailer, before her was the 1983 El Dorado 23′ Class C. Hoping one day to have a 1951 Spartan or build a replica of a 1953 Lighthouse Duplex. A replica because only 8 exist at this point.

  21. We bought a brand new 2002 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager in ’03 and still have it. It is the third in our list of motor homes and we still take some trips in it, but limited due to our age. We have been RVing since back in the 70’s and still love it. Solid as a rock and ready to ROLL! Checking out this year Branson and Colorado.

  22. LTV Unity TB, bought new in May 2013. Has been incredibility reliable for the past 10 years. I read all the horror stories of others and thank God we’ve been trouble free and have not had any of the issues others have reported with their purchases. The diesel engine has been spot on reliable. The only things we’ve done is routine oil changes and service. We get 14 – 15 mpg towing a Honda Fit and couldn’t be happier with our choice.

  23. 2006 Country Coach Intrigue, would not trade for a new unit. Love this coach, like UPRIG said “issues have been operator’s error”.

  24. 1996 Fleetwood Flair. She has been extremely dependable since my mom and step dad traded their 1989 Jamboree for her in Tulsa, OK.

  25. Of all of the RVs we have owned over the past 40+ years (and there have been several), none were newer than 10 years old at time of purchase. With the exception of one class A model, all were sold for more than I paid for them (how many new model buyers can say that)?! I have never been affected by the 10 year rule, and if I ever am, its their loss not mine!
    Current units; 2007 Wildcat 29′ TT (the parked model), and 1998 RoadTrek D190P (the mobile unit).

  26. 2017 Salem Cruise Light, 28′, bought new and lived in ever since. We camp hosted until last year and now we reside on our daughter’s property.

  27. We have a 2000 Nash 23-R 5th wheel. We bought it in 2006. Still in really good shape but starting to show its age.

  28. Bought a 1993 Itasca Sundance 4years ago. Wife picked it up brought it home and I couldn’t believe how great a shape it was in. Trip to Florida and shorter ones to COE park close by and never buy a new one. It’s a keeper.

  29. Our travel trailer is a 24′ 1998 Artic Fox. It’s in excellent shape inside & out, everything works like it’s new. We’ve had it now for 3 years, nothing has broken. I up dated the bathroom and kitchen faucets, replaced tires, and the battery. We pull it with a GMC Yukon XL 4WD w/ a 5.3 V8 with a 31 gallon gas tank & get approximately 13 mpg towing.
    Because of the age we cannot reserve in some RV parks but there are so many to choose from its not an issue.
    I love it!!

  30. We have a 2011 CampLite 13 QBB. We bought it new and have put about 48,000 miles on it. Since it is all aluminum, we don’t have to worry about water damage, excessive weight, etc. It is built like a tank. We pull it with a 2014 F-150 5.0 V-8.

  31. 2009 Cedar Creek. A man who has had 3 newer said “ don’t get a newer one!”
    “Wish we still had our 09.”

  32. We spent the last 12 years fulltiming (200K miles) in a 2008 New Horizons 34ft 5th wheel, but have now parked it on a lease lot near the Gulf Coast in Alabama where we spend 3-4 months each winter. We’ve added a new triple slide truck camper with lots of solar & battery power that we are continuing our fulltime travels in & will be going to Alaska one more time for the 2024 summer.

  33. Our 2004 Northwood Arctic Fox 29.5 rear kitchen 5er has been our home since we started full timing in 2018. It had lots of upgrades done by the previous owner. Solar, wood like floors, farm sink, china toilet, beefed up undercarriage, and so on. There’s not a new one on the market that can come close to this quality. We’re keeping her.

  34. No thank you on a new 5ver. My 2008 NuWa is built better than anything on the market today. With the exception of the decals, which I am stripping and repainting a little at a time, this trailer will be our fulltime home for years to come.

  35. We have owned our 1998 Sunline, 24ft, travel trailer for 19 years. It’s so water tite that I think it could float. I have made numerous modifications for boon-docking. It survived a 10,550 mile trip 2 years ago without one mishap. Planning another trip next summer. We go to camping shows to look at the new ones and we leave knowing that we’re way better off than those buying new ones.

  36. 2021 Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKBS is a great couples trailer. 25′ with a roomy kitchen area and separate bedroom we’ve spent two winters in AZ in it. Bought new with only minor warranty work needed.

  37. 2005 Bigfoot 30mh29g we are the second owners 140k miles.
    We have put money into it to refresh the engine otherwise everything works fine and the rig is in amazing shape. Setup for boondocking and would not even think of upgrading.
    I love the quality craftsmanship and layout of this rv. I would think about upgrading if Bigfoot still made class c motorhomes but I imagine that I could not afford it! Best thing is no payments. We will run until the wheels fall off.

  38. 94 Holiday Rambler Endeavour LE reskinned in 2012..Compliments everywhere we go..They can’t believe its a 1994 89,000 miles we are 2nd owner..Got an awesome deal on if from friends..We’ve put money into also..Absolutely one of our best investments! Came with 2 single beds we are currently putting a big bed in it. Love our RV

  39. 2015 Rockwood 8289. We look around and think about downsizing every once in a while, but still love our open floor plan, and gonna stick with what we got. It just fits us perfectly.

  40. 2016 cedar creek. Not buying another fifth wheel this one is great never been back to dealer. I do all maintenance my self and all up grades. We have everything we want in rv.

  41. We have a 2002 Newmar Kountry Star and while I hate the name the motorhome has been lovely. It has some older age issues now, replaced a mother board on the ACs, replaced motor on the steps, etc. but it has served us well. The exterior is showing it’s age, it is not stored under cover. I would love to see an article or two on ideas for “renewing the exterior”. I’m not really interested in going with decals again and they are quite faded. I enjoy your newsletters so much! Thanks!

  42. I have enjoyed my 1977 GMC Kingsley for 11 years and counting. Best $5100 I ever spent. Met so many wonderful folks rallying and camping. Looking forward to many more tjmes.

  43. 2013 Heartland Trail Runner bought used in 2015. It is 10 years old as of this year. In Oct I will have been FT for 8 years, and those years went by in a flash.

  44. Purchased new. Until the pandemic I was boondocking 225 days a year. I have always avoided commercial campgrounds like the plague.

  45. My camper is a 2014, so 9 years old. I have 2 more years to go before I can retire and finally/hopefully travel. I would love to upgrade to something newer, but IMHO, newer RV’s are junk and way overpriced!!! Mine isn’t the greatest, but I feel it’s a “little” better quality (and that isn’t saying much) than what’s available nowadays. So, when my turn comes for traveling, I’ll have to be dealing with the 10 year rule among other things.

  46. 2013 Class A, purchased new in February 2014, so technically it’s already ten but then again it won’t have ten years of use until February 2024!

  47. A 2006 National MH. We talk and sometimes look at newer units but always come back to ours as build quality is so much better. Don’t want to spend all my time and money on repairs of these new units. Some appear to be down right scary.


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