Saturday, July 24, 2021
Saturday, July 24, 2021

Do you like to celebrate your birthday or is it just another day?

Can you hardly wait for your next birthday so you can enjoy a big party with friends and family? Maybe head out to the local watering hole and close the place down — dancing, hugging, talking about the good ol’ days, maybe getting a little too looped and laying a big slobbery smooch on your best friend’s wife or hubby (You are so bad!).

Or are you the type that just wants to sit at home, be quiet, and let the day pass without any fanfare. Maybe you’re the type that isn’t into being dragged to the local “El Siguaro Grande” Mexican restaurant and having some guy plop a huge sombrero on your head making you look like a fool, and then a bunch of servers racing over to sing a crummy public domain version of Happy Birthday? And, come on — the free cupcake doesn’t get your endorphins hopping, does it?

So what is it — party hard or hide out and hope nobody makes a big deal over you. Or maybe something in between?


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Bob and Charlotte and Champlin
26 days ago

i especially like to have my Lincoln Log ice cream cake. Don’t really want or need anything else.

Grant Graves
26 days ago

my birthday occasionally falls on Thanksgiving and it is always close to Turkey day. So, it is overshadowed every year.

Bluebird Bob
29 days ago

You are celebrating the fact you gave your mother a whole lotta pain!

29 days ago

When I have a birthday I try to be well hidden. We go out to eat but nothing much after that. To me its another day. But we try to make it special for our daughter. I guess the young ones like to be remembered. At our age its another mark on the calendar and another wrinkle to add.

Pat Daubenmier
29 days ago

Just like to use it as an excuse to go out to eat. After all, it’s my birthday, why should I cook?!!!

29 days ago

I look forward to my once a year cake. Dark chocolate, I manage to eat half of it over three days. Then it’s back to the doctor’s orders on diet.

Jeff Craig
29 days ago

It’s nice to have it acknowledged, but once I turned 25 and my insurance rates went down, it stopped being something to celebrate. Get back to me when I turn 75 and by then I’ll probably start celebrating that I survived another year.

Diane Mc
29 days ago

Just another day for me and my husband. But our kids and grandkids think differently…lol. We just go with the flow and do it for the grandkids.

29 days ago

I would like to celebrate my birthday, but to the rest of the family, it is just another day.

Robyn Gleim
29 days ago

I like to celebrate the birthdays of all my friends! That is their special day – only once a year – and I like to let them know I’m very glad they’re in my life!!
My birthday? That’s actually a birth-month celebration every year -lunches, dinners, getting together for drinks – love it all!!

29 days ago

My birthday is just another day, but I like it because my kids come over. That’s always nice.

29 days ago

We don’t make a big thing of it, but we celerate my birthday with friends each March. We spend the winter in Arizona in our RV my birthday falls about a week before we and our friends prepare to head home. We use my birthday as an opportunity to visit with friends before leaving.

Ed K
29 days ago

Mine and the Wife’s birthdays are a year and 7 days apart, 24th and 31st so we will make it a combined dinner out sometime in the month or month after, just sometime together, nothing special.

Tommy Molnar
29 days ago

I’m dealing with a medical condition that makes me THRILLED with each birthday. In fact, I’m pretty thrilled with every waking day! 🙂

Sink Jaxon
29 days ago

Kinda funny, in early life birthdays are celebrated with enthusiasm, then throughout midlle age they’re kind of ignored. If you make it over 80 it seems everybody is celebrating your age again!

Last edited 29 days ago by Sink Jaxon
Neal Davis
29 days ago

My wife’s family goes all out for birthdays, so my birthday is not quite a normal day. At least it is close to another day. Ideally, it would be just another day, especially considering how many birthdays I have already had.

Wayne Braxton
29 days ago

Yep. Like most others here based on vote percentages a Birthday is just another day.

29 days ago

Where’s the button for “Something in-between”? That would be my choice. It gives me an opportunity to be with family, something I cherish. The “party/gifts” is just an unneeded add-on.

29 days ago

Use to enjoy my birthday day but when it got to where I was expected to pay for everyone then the fun was gone

Connie VH
29 days ago

My birthday is in late October. Not Halloween but close enough. Every birthday for decades has consisted of black and orange-themed things.

Yeah…. I’m over that.

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