Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Which hardware store do you shop in the most?

Home and RV improvement projects have skyrocketed this past year during the pandemic. More people spending time at home = more people realizing how ugly their kitchen cabinets are.

There are more than 13,000 hardware stores in the U.S. Ace Hardware is the largest hardware store chain with 4,118 locations and California has the highest number of hardware stores.

After Ace, True Value has the second-highest number of stores, followed by The Home Depot, Tractor Supply Co. and Lowe’s.

Where do you shop at the most?


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Ed K
18 days ago

Unfortunately, unless I want to drive over 25 miles, Ace is the only store in our town. Home Depot and Lowes are in the next town over and with the summer terrorist traffic around here, it can take 20-30 minutes to get through my town just so you can get to the other town. Going South the next Lowes/Home Depot is about 45-50 miles so Ace is the only choice.

20 days ago

I preferred the small local stores but in my area they closed years ago; kind of forced into the big chains. However, the “very last choice” is mail order.

21 days ago

Hertiage Hardware like stepping back in time. Keep the big box stores I’ll pay extra to support my local shops. And if by chance they don’t have it they’ll get it.

21 days ago

HD has large inventory/sales/I’ve memorized their layout. ACE has more specialty items. Lowes is more Yuppie and expensive. IMHO.

Roy Davis
21 days ago

I shopped at the local Ace Hardware for years along with many local people. When they sold it to a guy who owned several others, he wanted to build a huge store on adjacent property he owned but Corporate said no so he just closed the store. I know this is true because I knew people who worked there that told me. Now I go to where they all went, Menards. Great place but a bit of a drive.

Robert Cross
21 days ago

I try to use local Hardware stores where ever we camp. Usually not hard to find.

Tony Price
21 days ago

Canadian Tire

Jeff Craig
21 days ago

There are three Lowes stores in my work area that I tend to hit 80% of the time. Then there are the five ACE Hardware locations around work/home for another 10% and the final 10% goes to Home Depot and a small independent chain (Dunn Lumber).

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
21 days ago
Reply to  Jeff Craig

Yay, Dunn Lumber! My dad built our house north of Seattle in the mid ’40s and later added on – mostly with materials from Dunn Lumber in Shoreline. It was a real adventure to get to go with him to buy supplies from Dunn Lumber! Thanks, Jeff! Have a good night. 🙂 –Diane

Gregory Brott
22 days ago

LOVE my local Rosedale Ace in Bakersfield. For a real treat when you are in the Pismo Beach area a must stop at is Miner’s Ace Hardware in Grover Beach. Versus today’s big box stores this Ace has unbelievable service provided by real and caring experts!

22 days ago

Shop at Ace, I can almost find what I’m looking for and if needing a screw or nut can get my hands on it if needed.

Ron Lane
22 days ago

While my local hardware independently owned hardware store isn’t always equipped like the monster Home Depot or Lowes, I will seek for my needs there first…..then if they don’t have what I need, I’ll lower myself and go to Home Depot.

22 days ago

It’s Menards not Minards.

RV Staff (@rvstaff)
22 days ago
Reply to  Brian

Thanks, Brian! I forgot to proof the poll when I proofed the post (it’s on a different page than what I was looking at). It’s been corrected. Have a great day! 🙂 –Diane

Bob M
22 days ago

I shop at Ace mostly, since it’s more convenient. Do shop at Lowe’s & HD. Use to buy stuff off the internet from Menard’s, but they started charging a extra fee. Last time I bought some stuff, about six months or so later they sent me a letter saying I owed my state sales tax. Because of those two things I no longer buy off them.

22 days ago

The local Ace and True Values tend to be smaller and much more interesting to visit. Often have really good kitchen items and sometimes kitschy gift sections.

Chris S Kittilson
22 days ago

The Do It Best is in our hood, is the go to store.

22 days ago

Hardware Hank’s, an upper Midwest chain in town.

22 days ago

As full-timers who are often in small towns, we shop at whatever hardware store is available to us.

22 days ago
Reply to  Christine

So very true!

Neal Davis
22 days ago

The most convenient hardware store for us is an Ace. Further, they service and repair Stihl products, and we have several that we use heavily and regularly take there. Our Ace competes very well with the nearest Home Depot and nearest Lowe’s on selection and price, but win because of proximity and ease of getting into and out of their parking lot.

22 days ago

I love to go into an Ace hardware but have to pass a Lowes and a home depot to get to one. They all sell the same thing but at least the old fashioned stores had a person you could ask questions and get a sensible answer.

Wayne Braxton
22 days ago

Lowes is most convenient to me. Products I need are available and good quality. Lowes also readily gives a military discount. 2nd choice is Home Depot then Ace.

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