Saturday, January 29, 2022


What is your favorite day of the week?

When we came up with this poll, we figured Saturday would be your favorite day of the week. But then, maybe it would be Friday because you had two days off to look forward to. But, then, maybe you’re retired and every day’s a “weekend” so maybe you have another favorite day.

Heck, maybe it’s Tuesday because that’s when you play golf every week, or Wednesday because that’s the day you get to spend with your grandchildren.

Or, maybe you have such a great job that you can hardly wait for Monday — work is a whole lot better than sitting around the house watching TV, or mowing the lawn, or fighting crowds at the mall…

So, we don’t really know what to expect! Please tell us: What’s your favorite day of the week? We hope you will leave a comment too.


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Bob Weinfurt
5 months ago

Sunday, because I can usually sleep in.

John Koenig
5 months ago

I retired ten+ years ago. EVERYDAY for me is “Casual Friday” 🙂

Richard Hughes
5 months ago

I have to check every day to find out what day it is. If I am alive, it is my favorite.

5 months ago

I don’t like Sat. & Sun. when camping, too many people out.

5 months ago

Since we are retired – Every day is Saturday! (Except Dr. Appt. days!)

5 months ago

When you’re retired, & especially if you’re travelling fulltime, every day of the week is the same. When we are travelling continually to new areas, campgrounds, cities, etc., we may know what the date is but the day of the week is immaterial.

Jim B
5 months ago

Even though I’m retired, my wife still works, so my favorite is Saturday, when she’s off.

Jeff Craig
5 months ago

Until I can fully retire, they all blend together in a milieu… But I am partial to Sundays, because that’s when you get most NASCAR Cup racing, football and hockey.

Kevin Pilant
5 months ago

The reason for week days,
Monday’s are to recover from the weekend.
Tuesday is to make-up for Monday.
Wednesday is hump day.
Thursday is payday.
Friday is POET’S day,,, pi– on everything, tomorrow is Saturday!

Lil John
5 months ago

As bad as it sounds, I like Monday the best. I never seem to get everything done that I want, and Monday is the start of another good week to see how I do!

5 months ago

When I worked Tuesday was my favorite. Less incoming mail on Tuesday. But since being retired, they all are okay with me.

5 months ago

Sunday is pretty great for several reasons, one of them is the Sunday RV Travel with lots of interesting articles to peruse.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
5 months ago
Reply to  Bill

Awwww, how nice of you, Bill. Thanks! Have a great day! 🙂 –Diane

Paul Cecil
5 months ago

I said any day of the week. But simply, any day I wake up is a good day! 😁

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
5 months ago
Reply to  Paul Cecil

That’s great, Paul. My version is that any day I’m vertical is a good day (which, of course, takes into account having woken up first). 😀 Take care. 🙂 –Diane

Robert L Snideman
5 months ago

It used to be Saturday when I played in a Band. Now it is Sunday. Good TV on PBS.

5 months ago

Being retired I like them all

Rolling Coal
5 months ago

I don’t track the days of the week any longer……. today’s Monday isn’t it or is it Saturday?

Mike Albert
5 months ago

My favorite day is the one that ends in Y.
I’m semi retired and have learned to enjoy each and every moment we can share with loved ones and others.
Please be safe, get the vaccine and mask up.

DL Jenson
5 months ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

I love this!

5 months ago

any day i don’t have to set the alarm to get out of bed is a good day!

patti panuccio
5 months ago

I am grateful at my age for every day I wake up but when traveling it has to be Wednesday. Except for the bible belt, most everything is open on Wednesdays.

5 months ago

Every day that I get out of bed is my favorite. Life is short, enjoy it while you can.

Gary G
5 months ago
Reply to  tom

Same answer, retired and everyday I get up is absolutely marvelous! Hate when I have a doctors appointment and am asked what day is it. I want to respond “don’t care retired”.