Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Do you get a lot of thinking done when driving or towing your RV?

Some people are daydreamers – they’re always deep in their thoughts. Some people are daydreamers while on a walk, or before bed, or while they shower… but other people daydream while they drive. Do you?

Some people think or daydream so much while they drive that they forgot to put on their blinker, or that they miss their exits. Oy! Have you ever done this?

When you’re driving or towing your RV, do you tend to get a lot of thinking done? Or are you mostly focused on the road or your surroundings? Please tell us in the poll below, thanks!


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26 days ago

I work hard to “not think” about things other than what is happening around me. Driving is a discipline and should be treated as such. I can’t remember one trip we’ve taken where I have not had to act quickly to remain in a safe condition. I can quickly think of 2 or 3 incidents where I’ve had to use brakes or an evasive action in order to maintain safety.

26 days ago

Only thought is what is going on around me. Or the quick think of how many disrespectful people on the road. Once location has been achieved and set up done then I have time for the thinking.

Mark B
27 days ago

Daydreaming? No way! I’m a worrier. I’m too busy watching gauges, listening for strange noises and waiting for that idiot that always cuts in front of me and slams on the brakes!!

27 days ago

I think I hear a new rattle; I think it is in the right rear; I think I unplugged before I pulled out; I think I latched the bathroom door; I think my wife is in the back of the RV, because she is not in the seat next to me. I think I better go back to the camp site and check. I think I may need a check list.

Jerry Seamans
27 days ago

I think through and plan many things while driving. My wife is quite often sleeping in the passenger seat. I too believe you can think and drive safely at the same time.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
27 days ago

Some of my best thinking has come about while driving or doing something like, cutting the lawn.

Jesse Crouse
27 days ago

Driving is a job. Doesn’t matter if it is for work or pleasure. Pay attention to the job at hand. Makes it more likely you will get there in one piece. Also helps protect other people on the road with you.

Phil Atterbery
27 days ago

For the last couple of days we’ve been on the road in the Northwestern US.
With a DP my attention is on the odd deer trying to commit suicide on the front my coach or the 4 wheeler driving on the edge of sanity.

Neal Davis
27 days ago

I only drive our RV with a co-pilot. So, if I am not focused on driving to the point of being unable to talk, then I am talking with my co-pilot. Rarely do road conditions and a lengthy lapse in our conversation overlap long enough to trigger reverie.

Last edited 27 days ago by Neal Davis
27 days ago

The brain is more than capable of daydreaming and in an instant switch to situational observations.

27 days ago
Reply to  Marty

Not so much as I get older.

Bob p
27 days ago

You should be focused on your driving. When you’re daydreaming is when you’ll lose your sense of what’s around you and have an “aw s**t” moment.

27 days ago

i try to keep my concentration on my driving. However, it gives me and my wife some quiet time to reflect on the places we just visited and we both take in the abundance of the beauty of our country. To be perfectly honest, I do my best thinking while taking a shower.Crazy huh!

Bob S
27 days ago

My wife and I have our best conversations and get our best ideas for planning our future while driving the motorhome.

Richard Hughes
27 days ago

Since I sold my C class and bought a diesel truck and trailer, I have stopped thinking that I was riding in a rock drummers drum set and am able to hear myself think, listen to the radio and have a conversation with my wife.

Gary G
27 days ago

Not that I’m that old (72) but I find I have to focus on my driving more and less day dreaming. I still enjoy the drive and scenery though, after all that’s part of why we travel.

27 days ago

Been driving my old Class A for 23 years now and still marvel at the wonderful scenery in northern Michigan. Not a time to be distracted with otherwise thoughts.

Gigi Raygor
27 days ago

I voted yes, but I’m also focused on driving. It is possible to do both at the same time. So you need another option doing both.

Ronald Payne
27 days ago

Been driving a bus eight hours a day for 33 years and in my humble opinion life on the road is always an adventure including my rv.

27 days ago

Bad habit I’ve always had.

patti panuccio
27 days ago

Fessing up, I used to be a smoker which means get behind the wheel and light up, when I quit I started to win the lottery and spend it going down the road it worked.

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