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Overall, do you believe social media has been a blessing or curse to society?

Think about social media for a minute: There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, even RV-related social media platforms like RVillage or apps like Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome (that’s sorta like social media, right?). Do you think these apps and platforms have been a blessing or a curse to society? Why or why not?

After you vote in the poll, please leave a comment below and explain your answer. We’re curious to hear what you think. Thank you!

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Jerry Simeo
2 years ago

We did fine without it. It causes feelings to come out that should be kept to self. It is a platform for Satan to influence people to form opinions and prejudices that would have not been formed causing bias and divisions. Not good.

Tommy Molnar
2 years ago

I think it’s a mixture. I have benefited greatly from it, but I still wish this stuff had never shown up!

Retired Firefighter Tom
2 years ago

It’s a blessing as it makes it easy to stay in touch with family and friends, although I still prefer actually talking to them. The ‘updates’ are nice. Unfortunately there is so much false and mis-information that is believed by so many as being true that it has become a curse on society. For that reason I wouldn’t be sorry to see it disappear.

Jeff Craig
2 years ago

Individually, it can be a blessing. It is a great platform to keep in touch with or post pictures of your family, share video clips of concerts or races and supporting local businesses.

However, as a free, educated and democratic society – it has been a curse of Biblical proportions. The ‘hands-off’ approach most platforms took, and in particular the ability of anonymity (and worse, BOTS!) has allowed misinformation (and DISinformation) to flourish. I can’t even present dissenting evidence to longtime friends and family members, because it goes against their ‘point of view’. Before the era of social media, (well, honestly it started going downhill in 1994) you could ‘agree to disagree’ – our society can no longer do that. And, yes, I am just as guilty as others on that count (don’t get me started on Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-a), but I have been making a conscious effort to not treat people as a stereotype.

Kathryn Turner-Arsenault
2 years ago

It’s a blessing. The average person can know so much more about what is going on in the world. During the Arab Spring, social media played a huge part in conveying information among the uprising citizens and letting the outside world know what was going on. In the olden days, the first thing a totalitarian-wanna-be-government would do was cut off all television and radio transmissions, or take them over for their own propaganda. Now, it is almost impossible for governments to prevent freedom fighters from outside and inside from communicating. Yes, social media can be a curse, but the curse can be alleviated by the participants not being idiots, not believing everything they hear, and doing their own research.

2 years ago

It’s a blessing for families living at distances. It is a curse for society as a whole.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Dale

Very concise and accurate. Thanks, Dale. Take care. 🙂 –Diane

2 years ago

Unfortunately social media has turned into a format that allows any crackpot to post any information without evidence to support their claim. In turn some people tend to believe these postings and minimize information from credible sources. MSM, as it is now referred to, is using the disinformation to make a fortune from advertisers. Our democracy is in peril due to social media consuming the minds of many Americans. Hopefully we will cocollectively gather our senses and reject these social media grifters.

Jesse Crouse
2 years ago

Ditto, how you say things and your responses to others does matter.

John Koenig
2 years ago

Lets see; MANY (most?) of our younger people no longer know how to spell or write a proper sentence. These folks have NO clue as to proper etiquette in speaking or writing (the PROPER response to “thank you” is NOT “no problem” or “whatever”). The phrase “excuse me” has become an alien concept; they EXPECT others to accommodate them when they push past you. They seem unwilling to accept responsibility for themselves. I choose to NOT use “Social Media” as I want to keep my personal life as private as possible. I RARELY text as I find “ping-pong” texting to take MUCH longer than a 30 second phone call. I no longer answer incoming phone calls unless I recognize the number. For each legitimate phone call I receive, I get AT LEAST 10 bogus calls (probably more). In my opinion, many of these changes are due to the way “Social Media” has altered how people act. It has become acceptable to look upon people as cash cows that should be “milked” for all they’re worth without providing any value.

2 years ago
Reply to  John Koenig

John…I agree, I did not go into the lack of social skills/ proper etiquette/ speaking / writing skills that have become so prevalent today. My wife, a college professor, is very upset at the quality of work from some of her students when asking for written projects, that overall lack of any shame when texting during class and the I need it right now attitude when any challenge presents itself in the learning environment. Very sad…

2 years ago

I do not need to know every bad thing that happens around the world the minute it happens – AND many times made worse than it really is. I don’t remember what I had for supper last night, so why would I care what you ate? Many years ago, long before cell phones and computers, I have said, “It all started with television.” Supposedly knowing “everything” as it happens just gets people, not involved, all riled up for no reason. I’m sorry that someone on a far away beach got bitten by a shark, but why do I need to know that? I just need the info around me so I can just make it thru to the next day. (I was born 100 years too late.)

Paul Cecil
2 years ago

I voted “blessing” for me simply because overall “social media” has been useful. As an example, it has allowed me through Facebook to subscribe to groups that match my interests and in turn learn from the group’s subscribers. Yes there is the “dark” side to everything, and not surprisingly “social media” does allow shall we say less savory thoughts and ideas to reach more individuals. But this is because the Internet allows this greater reach. It might surprise some that in the distant past as books became more widely available because of the printing press that there were those who wanted to limit the availability of books because it allowed the spread of unrestricted ideas.
The simple question is do we restrict the flow of knowledge, and if so who does the censorship?

Michael A. Buldra
2 years ago

It’s just another tool. Like all tools depend on who is using it. A hammer can build a house and be used as murder weapon. It all depends on the person not the tool. Interesting 500 years ago, we were having the same conversation about the printing press.

Bill Coady
2 years ago

I voted “curse”. I think in terms of “The Internet” and “Social Media” as separate mechanisms/tools. I think the Internet is a great boon to society but the “social media” concept is an overall negative. As others have pointed out it really isn’t the mechanism of the media but rather the users that are the problem. Some(Facebook, Blogs, etc.) but not all social media are, in my opinion, the mechanisms that allows the rampant spreading of lies and irrational opinions. We’ve always had that tendency as a society but the instant spreading of lies and irrational opinions via social media makes it more of a problem because it spreads faster and to a wider audience than earlier times. The Internet, on the other hand, has opened up a whole new world of knowledge that allows us, as one poster mentioned, to search for virtually any book ever written.

Not sure I’ve accurately or succinctly expressed my ideas on this complex topic but your poll question has caused me to think about it more.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill Coady

Well stated, Bill. Thanks! Have a great day. 🙂 –Diane

God is Good
2 years ago

A Blessing to those who have figured out how to Monetize it and a Curse to the rest of us

Neal Davis
2 years ago

I voted benefit because it has been helpful to me, reconnecting me to many of those who once were a part of my life. However, the net effect on society is probably neutral as many handle it well and some handle it extremely poorly. Agree with “Jim” who posted earlier than me, saying it is neither.

Phil & Peggy
2 years ago

Definitely a curse and I don’t participate in any of it.

2 years ago

I didn’t vote because there wasn’t a neither option. Social Media is neither good nor bad. It is how it is used and that is an individual decision. Buy into conspiracy theories and social media is bad. Be intelligent, get information from more than one source, be willing to verify and social media is good.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jim

If there was a thumbs up this post would get it!

Sure there is a lot of bad crap. The sheep who allow the tech giants and media to shape their reality? Well they are a lost cause.

The ‘real’ data and knowledge share provided by Google U and Use Tube are invaluable.

No man could ever read every book but every man can now search almost all.

2 years ago

Both – Gives access to a world of information, although you have to be smart enough to filter through it. Keeps you in touch with those you couldn’t spend time with.
Exposes those who Seek to confuse, swindle, and defraud you. If you’re smart enough to see it.

Tom M
2 years ago

Whatever happened to “making a phone call” to catch up with someone ? Even with phones in their hands most are used to text. Nothing says personal like a text !

2 years ago

You forgot to put in a choice of “Both”.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bobkat3080


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