Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Did a close friend or relative recently buy their first RV?


With the amount of newbie RVers out there, we figured there’s a good chance you know someone, perhaps a close friend or relative, who has recently bought their first RV. Is this true?

If this is true, we’re just going to assume you’ve already told them about this wonderful website we know about called RVtravel.com… right? Feel free to direct them to this page. Wink.

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Cheri Rae
1 year ago

Our son and his wife bought their 1st RV around August 2020. They bought a used RV they lived in full-time as they were moving to another state to take a job. A year later they purchased a new one which better suited their family (bunkhouse with 1/2 bath) for the kids. They enjoy the opportunity to take their home with them for trips. We look forward to meeting up with them on the road or at their home base. I told them about RV Travel right away and he immediately signed up. NOTE: I tell many people about this online group and watched several sign up right away. It is such a great resource!!

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Cheri Rae

Thank you, Cheri Rae, for the kind words and for recommending us to your family and friends! We appreciate you, and them! Take care. 🙂 –Diane

Mike Albert
1 year ago

My daughter and son up law just took delivery on a 12 foot trailer. No holding tanks but with an outside kitchen; A/C; fresh water hook up and a dinette with drop down bed. Sleeps 2???? And you can’t stand up inside. They got it home, disconnected and set it up. On Thursday, they went to hook up and rear lights; brake and turn signals/4 way flashers did not work. Imagine that!!! BTW, they have gone tent camping for years and wanted something small and light weight to tow for longer trips and protection from the elements.

Mike Albert
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

They bought it new a week ago Friday but planned this for the last four months.

Roy Davis
1 year ago

The question was a little vague in one aspect. That is the work.”recently”. Do fine Recently. Is that within the past six months, year or even since Covid hit?

Jeff Craig
1 year ago

I know a few people who have bought small RVs during Covid, but I wouldn’t call them close friends. My family has told me, ‘we aren’t trailer people’ – they all own boats, and constantly grouse about the cost of ownership. I just put on a subtle grin, and think about the joys of heading down the highway.

1 year ago

Yes, my daughter and son in law just purchased a used class C. They do a lot of traveling back and forth to visit family and have 2 small children. They bought the class C primarily to make the trips easier. But they do intend to do some camping from time to time. We hope to meet up with them for some trips.

1 year ago

I am one of those that question recently. About three or four years ago I had a friend spend a morning breakfast with me while he picked my brain about ring. Next day he bought a class c. No sooner than I bought him a class c Christmas ornament he bought a class a on trade. Bought him another Christmas ornament. Hope he does trade up to a diesel, dont know if they make ornaments like that.

Kaeleen Buckingham
1 year ago

Not sure what you consider “recently”. I said yes but it was about 4 years ago (pre-pandemic).

The Lazy Q
1 year ago

No, but January 2019, we went to an RV show with our friends, by the end of the month we both bought from the same salesman from a good dealership. They bought a travel trailer we went with a fifth wheel and have camped/traveled together many times since. Unfortunately, this year, we moved to another city and they both retired and are getting ready to move cross country to Florida, so our couples camping is coming to a close. When we finally settle in Michigan in 2 years we will meet up with them at least once a year for a good camping trip.

Ed K
1 year ago

No, family has been RVing since 1955 and the kids just kept it up. Grand kids also so no new RVs. Son replaced his Pop-up last year, old one was a 1970s vintage, NEW one is from 1997 so his unit is now newer than my 1995 Motor Home. Kind of one ups man-ship on his part I guess.

Kurt Shoemaker Sr
1 year ago

If a close friend or relative of mine mentioned they were contemplating the purchase of a new RV I would warn them against it due to the junk that is being put out on the streets.

1 year ago

As a matter of fact, yes! After going on a few “girls trips” with me over the past several years my dear friend has caught the bug. She’s been researching for a couple of years and decided to finally take the leap just a couple of weeks ago. She was thinking about waiting for the influx of used RVs that we kind of anticipate coming in the next year or so, but the right one came along so she jumped at it.

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